Maison Martin Margiela appoints John Galliano as Head Racist, I mean, Creative Director

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Brasserie Kensington

I heard some unacceptable news this week. John Galliano has been hired as the creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. How can this be? Does the fashion world have the memory of gold fish? It was just three years ago when he was ejected from Christian Dior for his caught-on-camera anti-Semitic statements while in a bar in Paris. Since then he has been convicted and fined for his crime. But come the new year at the couture Paris fashion week, there he’ll be, at the helm of all of Maison’s lines. Likely with a shit-eating-grin.

Maison Martin Margiela is now lead by a publically documented racist. That is a fact. Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue as pleasantly as one would like, does it? This appointment is proof that the brand thinks his past criminal actions are not as important as his talent. They do not deem what he did wrong enough not to give him the job.

For those linear minded readers I present this equation comparison that summarizes the situation:

  1. John Galliano Career in 2011:  Racist > Talent = Christian Dior fired him
  2. John Galliano Career in 2014:  Racist < Talent = Maison Martin Margiela hired him


How is this acceptable? How as a society do we not only tolerate, but honour, racists into one of the most coveted positions of a major fashion house? Creative Directors in many cases are the face of the brand. The world of fashion is consumed with optics and grace. Brand is everything. But somehow, neither humanity nor morality are this brand’s priorities?

So listen up folks. If you buy Maison Martin Margiela, you are in effect telling the world that you endorse a racist with your wallet. If you click on the collections galleries come 2015 you are thereby giving a racist a platform for financial and career success. If you go to the Maison Martin Margiela website you’re giving a hater the e-thumbs up in approval. And if you buy any of the brand’s pieces, you are supporting an anti-Semitic.

If you buy, look or try, that’s what it means. To make it crystal clear, I argue that should you participate positively with the brand you are a funder of perpetuating racism. It’s abhorrent.

You might think, “But his designs are so lovely. Doesn’t that count?” Yes, his designs are lovely as proven by his longstanding career. But I can’t imagine how work so beautiful can come from a person so filled with established, anti-Semitic hate. It shakes me to the core. “But he said he said all those things due his drug and alcohol addictions? Just a mistake.” I’m not arguing that people make poor decisions while using (abusing) substances, of course some do, but those thoughts come from within that person. However deep down, it’s still there. Lurking.

Obviously the fashion house has no sense of humanity. Appointing Galliano has clearly demonstrated this point. The brand has passed the next test on to the consumer’s and rest of the industry. I challenge you to take a look at yourself and decide where you will spend your money and time.

Will you support the revivification of a racist?