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Star Wars Style

We are all waiting… for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Am I right? Of course, the holiday season is too in it’s final surge - like the movie promotions - before the world slows down for a few, quiet and sweet days. But this year it feels different. There’s something special in the air. At the very least it feel different to me. Something is about to wake us up.

What Do Tattoos Say About Us?

Tattoos are everywhere. No longer do actors, models and common people have to hide their ink for every role or runway. As society we have accepted them as more commonplace and not just for sailors and inmates. Thank goodness. I have tattoos but I have limited experience with my sea legs and I’m likely not fit to survive prison life.

What is Victoria's Secret?

Those staggering numbers and details are impressive, sure, for business. But they do not interest me one bit from a style stance. I am not denying the U.S. brands retail strength. I am however questioning it’s place in advancing the world of fashion. I understand the draw: beautiful women with beautiful bodies in lingerie. Pretty simple. Pun intended. 

Maison Martin Margiela appoints John Galliano as Head Racist, I mean, Creative Director

John Galliano has been hired as the creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. How can this be? Does the fashion world have the memory of gold fish? It was just three years ago when he was ejected from Christian Dior for his caught-on-camera anti-Semitic statements while in a bar in Paris. Since then he has been convicted and fined for his crime. But come the new year at the couture Paris fashion week, there he’ll be, at the helm of all of Maison’s lines.