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Best and Worst of Golden Globes 2015

I look forward to the Golden Globes each year. They are the most party and fun of the Hollywood award shows. They celebrate the year’s best in television and films. More importantly, they are the best chance to see great fashion, and maybe even high style, from the Hollywood elite. With so many gut-wrenching atrocities splashed all over the news , I wanted to see which of the winners would incorporate a message of awareness over a particular issue. And to put a bit of a spin on things, I wanted to juxtapose that against their style.

Maison Martin Margiela appoints John Galliano as Head Racist, I mean, Creative Director

John Galliano has been hired as the creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. How can this be? Does the fashion world have the memory of gold fish? It was just three years ago when he was ejected from Christian Dior for his caught-on-camera anti-Semitic statements while in a bar in Paris. Since then he has been convicted and fined for his crime. But come the new year at the couture Paris fashion week, there he’ll be, at the helm of all of Maison’s lines.