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  1. Talk about it – Meet in person, over the phone or online. The first consultation is on me.

  2. Agree on it – Confirm the style plan specifics, goals, budget and timeline.

  3. Do it – Shop, style or work through the wardrobe. Or all three.

  4. Wrap it – Review the project and finalize it.


Popular Projects:


Personal Shopping

Get whatever it is. We can go together or I can do it for you. 

  • Accessories

  • Clothing

  • Decor

  • Gifts

Whenever possible I like to work with or compliment any working existing pieces to maximize your options and mind your money.



Closet Auditing

Make every inch of your space work and flatter you and your life. Get rid of the rest.

  • Audit – Review contents. Itemize what’s working and what’s not.

  • Cleanse – Remove what’s not working and find it a new home.

  • Organization – Ensure wardrobe space is tidy and functional.

  • Planning – Identify gaps and make a plan to remedy.



Wardrobe Styling: Personal

Refine your individual style. I can style a range of projects from select pieces to complete looks.

  • Evening

  • Event or Function

  • Photoshoot

  • Trip or Vacation

  • Wedding Party

  • Weekend

  • Work

Wardrobe Styling: Corporate

Help to fulfill creative visions that connect effortlessly with viewers.

  • Commercials

  • Photo shoot

  • TV + Film Production

  • Video shoot



Group Seminars: Gather a Group of Your Choosing

Want a fun afternoon or night amping up your style? Session ideas include:

  • Prepping for date night

  • Decoding the latest trends

  • Transitioning (body, age, lifestyle, career)

  • Creating outfits you already own by building upon existing pieces

  • Outfit planning and packing for a trip

Group Seminars: Business or Organizations

Gain understanding on workplace expectations, tone, and examples of desired wardrobe guidelines.

  • Pre-session preparation

  • Customized company specific guidelines

  • Presentation

  • Q & A

  • Leave behind



Home Styling

Spruce up your home through organization, editing, and style.

  • Preparing home for sale (agents and sellers)

  • Updating layout and decor

  • Refreshing space

  • Assisting with editing, organizing, and purging



Not it? 

Don’t see it? Let’s chat more about it. The first consultation is free.



Costuming + Styling: Event Promotional Video

Developing, costuming, and styling compelling storybook classic looks as part of a team for a Fundraising Gala supporting the Calgary Library Foundation.

Team / Agency: Anstice Communications | Client: Calgary Library Foundation | Costume Team: Crystal McKenzie, Kerri LeLonde + It By Sarah G. Schmidt | Hair and Makeup: Libertee | Models: Mode Models | Production: Meta Productions

Wardrobe Styling: Industry Educational Session

Providing fresh looks for internal education session lead by Justin, Kate, and Sofia where the rest of the Mane House of Hair team learnt the latest trends, techniques, and how to build a hot look.

Team / Hair and Makeup: Mane Hair | Models: Alice, CortniJessica,  Sarah, Sierra, and Toni | Photography and Videography: Hot Neon | Stylist: Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling: Promotional Personal Brand Content

Creating a sizzling look for Flamenco Guitarist Holly Blazina's latest release and promotions.

Team / Hair and Makeup: Emilia Art Makeup| Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt

Film Costuming (Television): Drama Series on USA & Netflix

Part of the Costume Department Team as a Daily Set Key Costumer (Episodes 108, 109, 110) - IATSE 212

Team / Costume Designer - Jeriana San Juan

Wardrobe Styling: Photoshoot

Boys Do Cry: A photo series showcasing modern ideas of what masculinity can look like.

Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Models: DJ, Chris, Conner | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling (Commercial): Short Film Advertisement

Providing the look of a baseball scout and proud coach finding new talent in new places.

Team /  Client: Leather Head | Creative Director, Writer: Josh Caplan  | Director: Wayne Craig | Production: Joe Media Group | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling (Commercial): Mens Suiting Photoshoot

The classic suit can take you from boardroom to street to a night on the town with just a few styling twists.

Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Makeup Artist: JA*DE | Model: Christiaan (I Model Management; IM2)| Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt (Suiting: espy experience; Lifestyle: Radius Clothing)

Home Styling: Sale of Inner City Townhome

Streamlined the decor to help entice potential purchasers day dream over their soon-to-be new home.

Team / Photographer: Bretton Dyte Photography | Realtor: Andy Jackson | Stylist: Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling (Personal): White Button Down Shirt

This simple piece is anything but basic. A few rolls here and a tie there add a personal touch to a crisp, white button down.

Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Model: Funke (I Model Management; IM2) | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling (Commercial): PSA Advertisement :30

A PSA urging all women in all walks of life to get checked for the Breast Cancer gene.

Team /  Client: Veritas Genetics| Creative Director: Josh Caplan  | Director: Wayne Craig | Production: Joe Media Group | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt

Wardrobe Styling (Commercial): Female Editorial

Using select pops of colour in stacks and stacks in near excess creates impact. This can help to conceive size in petite frames.

Team / Hair and Makeup: Emilia Art Makeup| Jewellery: Kremze |Model: Jessica-Bernadette Churchill with Patti Falconer | Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt




Radio Interview: Global News Radio - 770 CHQR

Expert Guest / What we wear in public chat with Joe Mcfarland - “Have We Gone Too Casual?”


Guest Blog: DopeAMe

Guest Writer / Live With Intention - How Dressing With Intention is the Crux of Personal Style


Avenue: Calgary

Featured / Style Image in Article - What Calgary's Fashion Elites Wore to PARKSHOW 2016


Podcast: Kevin Langman

Guest / Increase Your Impact: Episode 19 - Ethical Shopping (Click here to watch on YouTube)

What Clients Have to Say About It

“Sarah was tasked with finding me a Christmas party dress that was suitable to wear at a corporate function. Using her keen sense of fashion and understanding of what works best for my body type, she created three stylized looks (top to bottom, including accessories). All three options were looks I typically wouldn’t be drawn to, but once we got into the shops where she pulled out these styles, she was right! They all fit beautifully and flattered me in all the right places. Sarah makes it easy to look your best, and more importantly, feel great.”

— Megan, Calgary, AB

Sarah makes it easy to look your best, and more importantly, feel great.
— Megan, Calgary, AB

“My wife and I were expecting our second baby and first daughter. I had started a new job that left me short on time for shopping, let alone thinking of an ideal gift to celebrate the occasion. Friends recommended Sarah’s help, and consulting her proved to be an extraordinarily wise decision. She knew exactly how to quickly determine what would suit my wife and her recommendation could not have been more perfect. There were tears of joyful surprise shed, sighs of relief breathed, and countless hours of searching saved. Sarah has a knowledge of personal style that will take your next purchase from ‘good enough’ to ‘the greatest choice you’ve ever made’”

— Dean, Calgary, AB

“Sarah is my first and last stop when it comes to fashion advice. She’s always there with knowledgeable opinions and a supportive nudge to try new things I didn’t know I could pull off. My work is field oriented so not much style is required there, but Sarah has helped me find awesome outfits for all sorts of different events and holidays. Most recently she’s been helping me embrace my inner beach babe as I set out on a sailing trip around the world.”

— Kaycee, the ocean (formerly Grande Prairie, AB)

“I have struggled in finding a style to suit my “new” body after losing a dramatic amount of weight. I have sought out Sarah’s advice throughout in helping me choose styles and colors that flatter my frame. She has encouraged me to try designs and cuts that I would have never considered for myself. She was my go-to person just recently when I was agonizing over buying a swimsuit for a tropical vacation. Given that I live in Grande Prairie, we corresponded via email and she helped me find swimwear that I was comfortable and confident in! I depend on Sarah for her expertise and she has always exceeded my expectations. ”

— Meghan, Grande Prairie, AB

The colour and pattern matches she chose were perfect for me and I went the entire week without re-wearing any combination.
— Adam, Calgary, AB

“I recently asked for Sarah’s help with packing and selecting outfits for a week-long business trip to London, UK. It was my first time to the city and my first time meeting a number of colleagues. While I work in a conservative, “suit-and-tie” industry, I didn’t want my clothes to be underwhelming in a big city like London, and I didn’t want to re-wear any outfits during the trip. I carry on a heavy bag of work-related gadgets when I travel on business, so I like to check only a medium-sized suitcase. Sarah saved me a bunch of room in my bag by selecting pieces from my existing wardrobe which minimized the clothes I had to pack while maximizing the flexibility with my suit, shirt and tie combinations. The colour and pattern matches she chose were perfect for me and I went the entire week without re-wearing any combination. To top it off, the extra room in my bag allowed me to fit souvenirs to bring home to friends and family.”

— Adam, Calgary, AB


“I knew I needed help when I was headed back to work after having my daughter. Everything that I had in my closet was old, drab, and left over from my University days three years previous. I admittedly am not the biggest risk-taker — I’m a high school English teacher, and we’re not exactly known for our high-adrenaline lifestyles. Sarah and I went shopping and dealt with the basics first. I am tall (5’10”) and curvy (a full size 12) so cut and fit was everything. She helped me to understand that my confidence was not something that should be compromised - I needed to feel as good as I looked. Over conversations, she discovered that I have a love for the late-1950’s era clothing and she used that focus to help me build an image in my own head of what looks great and is flattering.

Being repetitive on purpose, again I am not a risk-taker, I like black, off-black, dark grey, mid-grey, etc. Yup. Wild woman. Sarah respected this, but also encouraged me to experiment by just stretching my comfort zone. She helped me figure out a way to balance modest cuts with creative accessorizing, and she understood that in my career I want my ideas to speak louder than my outfits. Almost five years later, I am proud (and shocked, frankly) to say that Sarah has helped me to develop my personal style. I have gone back to her many times over the years to discuss ideas and trends, which to consider and which to pass on. I am comfortable in my skin and confident in my clothes. And when you consistently get complements, I suppose you’re doing something right.”

— Rebecca, Saskatoon, SK

She’ll sweep in, save the day and offer thoughtful suggestions that are in line with my budget and things I wouldn’t have thought of myself.
— Scott, Calgary, AB

“Sarah has been a huge help for me in style and shopping for gifts. Sarah’s discerning eye has helped me improve my own style and helped me pick out the perfect gifts for my wife. Even with special days like anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day coming around every year I often find myself squeezed for time and ideas. Sarah always comes through for me. Over the years as she got to know me and my wife, she’ll sweep in, save the day and offer thoughtful suggestions that are in line with my budget and things I wouldn’t have thought of myself. It’s a win-win: my wife gets a sentimental gift she loves and I get to see my wife glow because of it.”

— Scott, Calgary, AB

“Sarah is my confidante for fashion advice and help. I was in Calgary last summer for a friend’s wedding for which I purchased a dress for but had nothing in the way of accessories. Sarah went shopping with me and came up with many options for different looks that I could choose that went with the dress I already had. Since I’m in Saskatoon, I’ve also consulted her many times for online help including finding a wedding party dress for a destination wedding, which I ended up getting custom made using a pattern Sarah suggested. Sarah is always honest and straightforward with a knack for finding pieces that flatter my body type, helping me feel confident and love what I wear.”

— Melissa, Saskatoon, SK

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