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5 Takeaways in my 5 Years of Business

This month marks my fifth year in business. Similar to divorce, the statistics for failure are high. It’s bleak. Closing a business is more likely than splitting up for the first time, getting hit by a bus, or being friends with a vegan. Though this reality is daunting, I’ve heard the only way to keep the doors open is to keep on. 

How Award Shows - like the Oscars - Illustrate How Influential Fashion Can Be

Oh what a whirlwind the Hollywood award season has been. The final flourish in the awards show calendar, as always, are the Academy Awards. This special night is reserved for the voter-deemed best of the year. Each nominee is wriggling in his/ her/their seats hoping to take home that golden Oscar. Lucky for us, fashion friends, a big part of the evening is what the stars rock on the red carpet.

Maison Martin Margiela appoints John Galliano as Head Racist, I mean, Creative Director

John Galliano has been hired as the creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. How can this be? Does the fashion world have the memory of gold fish? It was just three years ago when he was ejected from Christian Dior for his caught-on-camera anti-Semitic statements while in a bar in Paris. Since then he has been convicted and fined for his crime. But come the new year at the couture Paris fashion week, there he’ll be, at the helm of all of Maison’s lines. 

Do CFL and NFL Fans Have the Worst Style?

September brings many things. Fashion weeks, back to school shopping, and watching football are just some of the activities that come to mind. The CFL is well underway and NFL is now, too, in the groove. This past weekend I was at a Calgary Stampeders game. While enjoying popcorn - I mean the game - I took a hard look around. There are so many people wearing team gear my mind started churning. 

Shopping is Big Business in Las Vegas

People go to Vegas for a varity of reasons but dressing with purpose is ever present: mini dresses on bachlorette parties, suits and ties for the VIPs (or wannabee VIPs) and some of the most casual looks you will see in a city that boasts so much glitz. It is a fashion frenzy on display on the strip. Even the sweat pant contingent that woke up that day and said, “I’m in Vegas, let’s not only pack sweats, let’s wear them!”