I believe life is too short to not feel and look fabulous.

My goal is to find you clothes that fit, flatter, and make you feel good. #itbysarahgschmidt


FIND IT, Shop it, Style it, Drool over it, Love it, Work it, Do it, Feel it, Live it, Treasure it, Rock it, Be it.


Personal SHOPPING + Styling

These packages are built with a style-focused customer in mind. Start with a single project, transition your wardrobe to the next season, or let’s dig deep into a full-on commitment to your personal style.

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Experienced in both union and non-union crews providing costuming expertise for Branding, Commercials, Editorials, Film, Photography, and Television.

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I’d be thrilled to join you at a conference, provide a style demonstration, sit on a panel, or entertain at a styling event.

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More to It

It’s more than clothes; it’s really just the start. I see fashion as a wedge into commentary about society, culture, and our values at large.


“Sarah has a knowledge of personal style that will take you from ‘good enough’ to ‘the greatest choice you’ve ever made’”.

— Dean


A little bit about me…