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Why I Savour Snow Days

Yesterday, I woke up with nearly a foot of snow, more sloshing down, and I started laughing. Picture me, alone in my bedroom doing a full body stretch while gazing out the window laughing hysterically at the snow. I knew the day was going to be a mess for most people, but she’s sure pretty out.

Met Gala 2018: Who Showed Us Catholic Imagination?

The first Monday in May may have come and went but it did not disappoint. I’m not Catholic but thank a god for the richness of the theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. I was yelling at the pictures and videos on my phone Monday night in a way that perhaps only a sports fan would on the most titillating final game of the season. It was glorious.

Debunking the “Effortless” Myth

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Her style was so effortless,” before. Typically one imagines some Parisian “it” girl looking put together walking around confident AF. When someone says that expression around me, I tease, “Oh like a crazed woman at a drug store, at midnight, sick as a dog getting cough syrup and couldn’t-will-herself-to-get-dressed kind of effortless?” My humour rarely lands well.

How Award Shows - like the Oscars - Illustrate How Influential Fashion Can Be

Oh what a whirlwind the Hollywood award season has been. The final flourish in the awards show calendar, as always, are the Academy Awards. This special night is reserved for the voter-deemed best of the year. Each nominee is wriggling in his/ her/their seats hoping to take home that golden Oscar. Lucky for us, fashion friends, a big part of the evening is what the stars rock on the red carpet.