Major Fashion Moments in Holiday Movies

Major Fashion Moments in Holiday Movies

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Holiday preparations have consumed most of the people in my life. I realize not everyone starts as early as I do so I must be kind. There are presents, parties, wrapping, dinners, drinks, and festivities galore. Ho ho ho holy moly it is sensory overload.

If you’re anything like my family, at some point you let go of everything and whip out the old DVDs or turn on Netflix and start binging holiday movies. Get out the popcorn, shove your face with treats found in the bottom of your stockings, get those elastic waist pants on - should you like, I’ll wear my evening gown - and we’ll numb ourselves from reality cosy in our parents homes.

Some people get their kicks out of the dialogue while others luxuriate on hearing the cheesy music. For me, I love to watch the fashion moments happen on film. Here are a few standouts from my holiday favourites that you may not have thought much about in this way.

Christmas Vacation

This movie had so much gold in every scene it may be hard to stay focused. But could you please try and keep your shit together – as I never can – when Cousin Eddie shows up with the most see-through crème v-neck sweater I can recall in my entire life with his snowmobile style black dickie layered underneath. It’s too much. I can’t. I laugh so hard I tear up. Kidding aside it will probably show on Vetements or Yeezy runway before I can yell, “Clark.”

Die Hard

Let’s get this straight right away: who says an action movie isn’t Christmas-y? What are the criteria? I think it is as simple as set during the holidays and incorporated visually or through the dialogue. That’s good enough for me. Thus, as this film takes place during the holidays and the set design has many merry hints all along the way it’s a Christmas movie. If you need more proof please recall our sweet victim of the mayhem donning a Santa hat and his chest is scrawled with a red ink festive message. And what says “It’s Christmas” more than a glistening, filthy Bruce Willis in his white singlet? Ding dong.

The Family Stone

I love this dysfunctional family at Christmas-time movie but we need to talk about the kid. I cry a single tear every time I see the scene where we find out that the nosy kid has gone into her just-said-hello-for-the-first-time potential future aunt-in-law’s - dearest SJP - suitcase and not only touches the clothes without permission, but the kid actually wears them in her own sadistic, personal game of dress up. Not cool, kid. The girl, in her demonic whirlwind, goes on to break a heel on a stiletto shoe, shoves the family heirloom diamond ring onto her grubby little mitts - likely ruing the setting - and I suspect she had a roll to play in the Christmas morning Strata casserole spill fiasco. PSA: parents, remind your kids to keep their tiny, dirty hands to themselves and out of suitcases, would you?

Just Friends

I have a soft spot for this movie for a few reasons: Canadian Ryan Reynolds has made me laugh since his days on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place; I love Anna Faris, and it was mostly filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan. Triple threat! I want to shout out the costume designer for the heinous pop star wardrobe Anna Faris had the pleasure of wearing throughout the film. There’s something for everyone: fur (faux?), sequins, colour blocking, big, fluffy, tight, bright, oh-so-short… You name it and she wears it so maniacally delightful.

Love Actually

The turtleneck count game does not get old to me. I will admit I’m pro-turtleneck three hundred and sixty five days a year so I’m naturally delighted to see so many in one sitting. If simply seeing the long neck wonder is not enough for you, may I suggest a sociable style drinking game? Or perhaps see-one-and-call-it-out-first to delegate ten push-ups to your mates? Make it a challenge. Maybe it could be as easy as putting one on yourself. It’s your pick.

The Night Before

If you ever need a reason for personalized holiday sweaters, this movie will make your heart melt. Three buddies tear up the town in their unique knits year after year. If you’re not keen to put your religion or race on a sweater like the characters do, what about your favourite sports team? Or go to a second hand shop and scoop up a hideous to others, yet beautiful to you, bedazzled gem? (I may have a few you could borrow if you promise to gently love them).

The holidays have something for everyone. So, too, do the movie we devour every year. Tell me, what are your favourite holiday movies? What fashion moments do they have that I can enjoy with you? Please, share the miracle of the holidays and text, DM, or email me. I’m waiting more patiently for this than kiddies wait for Santa.

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