'Tis the Season for Engagement Photos

'Tis the Season for Engagement Photos

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - East Village

You know what season it is? Of course you do: it’s engagement season. Every year when the holidays come ho-ho-ho-ing, it’s time for third ring fingers to get glow-glow-glowing. Forget jingle bells, it’s bling ring dinging.

How many people do you know that got engaged between mid December and just after New Years? A lot, right? And why not? It’s a festive time, celebrations galore, and sure to make memories. Plus you can share your happy news – and great ring - with all your loved ones as you make the visiting circuit.

Though I have no first hand engagement experiences to share with all my stylish readers – that’s you – I do have some insights on the big reveal pictures posted on the social. Should you be hashtag blessed to get engaged this holiday season, here are a few of my favourite ways to gloat announce your happy news.

The “Partnership” hand hold picture

This is the one where both parties are in the shot, likely holding hands or wrapped one another in a careful way no to disguise the ring. I have also seen a more subtle version of this where the couple is high-fiving or doing something more down low casual - like driving or enjoying a beer – you know, everyday vibes. I think it communicates, “We’re in this together and like, so in love that we barely stopped to announce it, right?”

The “We’re in an awesome destination too” picture

You’ve seen this one. It’s a hand in the foreground, thrust proudly in the air and some well-know destination icon lingers in the background. It’s the Eiffel Tower. It’s Grand Central Park. Maybe it’s the Rocky Mountains. Perhaps it’s at a NHL game. I’ve seen many sunny beaches and Las Vegas lights. Regardless of where, it’s somewhere. This communicates a message along the lines of “I love my well travelled life and my fiance. It’s so rad, right?”

The “It’s huge” picture

The ring is so massive that all it needs it something to help hold the honker up. You’ve seen this. Just a gal (mostly, although I’d love to see more fella engagement ring show offs), a latte, and that honking huge ring a ding ding. This communicates, “It’s fucking huge, right?”

The “Our life is more than just us” picture

Maybe your dog is in the photo. Perhaps it’s a child – theirs or one they pulled off the street – I kid. I’ve even seen the couple’s activity on display – always cross fit or skiing – in the shot as well. This image is keen on communicating, “Yeah we’re betrothed, but we have a life, right?”

The “Just the ring” picture

Often times this is saved for the wedding day photos that you look at once and question why so much emphasis was put on it, but every once in a while, it’s a gorgeous close up of the ring. When we scroll past the image on social it’s no muss, no fuss, all bling. This one, to me communicates, “Just look at it, right?”

Personally, I’m a bit dodgy with weddings – I come by it honestly, see here, here, here, and here – but I do sincerely love a good ring. I’m a shameless, infallible magpie. Economically speaking, it’s one of the few purchases, that can hold or increase value over time should you be smart enough to spend wisely.

Though a good ring does not indicate the likelihood or not of a good marriage, a good ring is a good ring. Cheers to that.

For all those lovebirds this holiday season endeavouring to get hitched, I’ll say, “Good for you” to your face when really I mean, “Show me that dang ring!”

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