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What It’s Like to Be on a Movie Set

Throughout my advertising and styling career, I’ve spent many days on set. My experience included commercials for TV, product videos for online content, or short PSAs. Mostly shorter format - five minutes or less – to convey the desired story. Being invited to join a Costume Department for a film production was new to me yet something I delightfully accepted.

Netflix Series The Get Down, Stranger Things, and Narcos Trigger Fashion Nostalgia

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a binger. A full on Netflix binger that is. There’s something quite delicious – or perhaps just indulgent – about seeing every episode for a series at your fingertips. It's like having the keys to the kingdom. It’s just you, the couch, and a whole schwack of time hitting “play next episode” until you’ve wrapped the season. Ahhhhh.

Oscars 2015: The Art and Business of Costume Design

Much anticipation builds about who will wear what to the Oscars is the norm come February... While I could provide my arguments for the best and worst dressed, I choose to focus on some on the more modest heroes of the Academy Awards: the costume designers. Bloggers, gossips and grocery check out magazines tend to focus on the big names that are up front and centre. Rather than spend more time arguing with the masses on who wore the best version of the body-con blush strapless, I chose to spend time learning and admiring the work of the costume designers.