Met Gala 2016 Style Was Full Machina

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - 11 Street and 12 Avenue SW

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Met Gala. The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Fundraiser Gala is a fashion follower must. For the select few invited, it’s the night to make your most stylish splash. This years theme mirrors the newest costume exhibit released, “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology.” The dress code was rumoured to be “tech white tie.” Tech it was.

Every year there are those that play (and slay) and those that don’t. I will spend zero time on those whom chose not to play. Boo. It’s a fundraiser for a new COSTUME exhibit. If an attendee is too cool to dress in theme for this event, the most sacred of fashion nights, what would they be game for?

Moving on. There were five themes that featured prominently during the night: Silver, Gold, Tech, White and all-the-Met-Gala-baller details in the Styling.

  1. In the silver group we have Co-Chair of the night Taylor Swift. Is it just me or since she dyed her hair platinum the Swift style game has been edged up for the better? Less twee, perhaps? Also in silver was the Kardashian-West’s. Kayne West’s coloured contacts, I don’t-give-a-fuck dare I say nearly perfectly slashed denim and mirror jacket played nicely off of Kim’s silver body-conscious gown. For the record without those blue contacts this wouldn’t have made my favourites. My silver tech best goes to Lady Gaga in her Versace catsuit and banging sharp shoulder jacket. Who needs pants in May, right?
  2. Gold had much representation, too. Rachael McAdams reminded us why she has been considered a fashion girl. The ornate sequins in the swirling patterns are dope in their own right but the addition of those sleeves make the dress for me. My favourite for the night in this category is Zendaya. The dress fits every ity bitty last inch of her and the juxtaposition of the space like bowl cut bob elevates the look. Glam bam thank you ma'am.
  3. As for the tech category an easy jaw dropper name to drop was Claire Danes. On the carpet is a light coloured, lovely unassuming full ball gown. Once inside she turned on the dress and it light-the-F-up. This thing illuminated as much as Katness Everden flamed. Beyonce’s latex dress with voluminous shoulders was slick and so was her straight (Becky with the good?) hair. I also liked that used a visor to create that - at times tense - space between man and machine. While Emma Watson's recycled fabric dress was ill-fitted (too bad) but the intention behind it was spot on. Zayn Malik and Gig Hadid were gorgeous, of course, and on theme with their robot-esq armour and hand pieces, respectfully.
  4. Another trend of the night was White Tie. Not a shocker but it still works. Many gents such as Wiz Khalifa and Jared Leto donned white and popped right off that red carpet. Kate Hudson’s peak-a-boo sculpted dress worked for me too. The bits of silver on it took it from being typical sexy to tech savvy (and sexy). Another win for me was Emma Stone's white sheath with silver armoured wasitcoat. But the standout for me was Sarah Jessica Parker in her “Hamiton-esq” cropped pants, tailed (and backless) coat white suit combo. Yes. Yes.
  5. Finally, my favourite category: the best in style. It’s one thing to be dressed in a particular designer as you would expect the look to walk from runway to red carpet. It’s entirely another thing when what you wear is elevated by the whole package: hair, makeup, shoes and the person. IE: Style! Socialite Julie Macklowe’s geometric metallic jumpsuit is space-balls amazing. Another great head to toe look was Kristen Stewart’s cropped bedazzled pant suit, The slicked hair and silver cat eye makeup honour the theme yet ensure her personality shines brighter than her sequins. 

Total "theme" outlier for me was Lupita Nyong'o shimmering green and tall bulbed hair. The dress was fine, familiar, but fine. That hair was something. Not sure what that something was yet but I’m leaning to a "yes." Why not? It's a yes night.

For me this was one of the better themes in past years. It was specific and focused. The attendees "got it." Ever the devil's advocate I will say that they could have pushed the tech dressing even more. Think helmets, hoverboards, and actual robotics. Me would have likey. For what it's worth, the actual exhibit at the Met, the “real” reason for the night, should be fascinatingly beautiful. 

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