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Met Gala 2018: Who Showed Us Catholic Imagination?

The first Monday in May may have come and went but it did not disappoint. I’m not Catholic but thank a god for the richness of the theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. I was yelling at the pictures and videos on my phone Monday night in a way that perhaps only a sports fan would on the most titillating final game of the season. It was glorious.

How Award Shows - like the Oscars - Illustrate How Influential Fashion Can Be

Oh what a whirlwind the Hollywood award season has been. The final flourish in the awards show calendar, as always, are the Academy Awards. This special night is reserved for the voter-deemed best of the year. Each nominee is wriggling in his/ her/their seats hoping to take home that golden Oscar. Lucky for us, fashion friends, a big part of the evening is what the stars rock on the red carpet.

The Joy and Sorrow of Fashion

Nearly everyday when I’m doing my usual Internet fashion scans I see headlines along the lines of, “Ahhhhhhh, the fashion industry is changing!” A look at the overhaul of fashion weeks, leadership changes, and the speed of collections all point as supporting proof to this evolution. Some of it is well overdue and some feels too drastic. What’s what depends on who you are and what you believe.

Cannes Red Carpet: Am I the Only One Watching?

I have been delighting in the Cannes red carpet fashion the past week. There’s nothing like coastal France to bring out the extra in everyone. Tonnes of the film industry players – actors, directors, producers, financiers, and model philanthropists – are all swaggering their way down that glorious-right-near-the-water carpet. With all the nasty stuff going on, it’s especially nice to escape for a wee bit.

Golden Looks at The 2017 Oscars

The major awards shows of the season wrapped up on Sunday night in an astonishing fashion. We are all now aware of the Academy Awards Best Picture envelope mix-up that eventually got straightened out and granted to the Moonlight team. Phew. Drama aside, my favourite part of the night, of course, was what the stars wore.