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5 Takeaways in my 5 Years of Business

This month marks my fifth year in business. Similar to divorce, the statistics for failure are high. It’s bleak. Closing a business is more likely than splitting up for the first time, getting hit by a bus, or being friends with a vegan. Though this reality is daunting, I’ve heard the only way to keep the doors open is to keep on. 

A Prairie Girl In Paris

Some girls dream of wedding days. Other gals dream about a home full of children. Others yet dream of their name on a wall at a fancy office. Some dream of all three or none of that. Right to choose, right? Getting back to it, since I came to know about Paris, this prairie girl dreamed of going there.

The Journey of My YSL Suit

When you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, in November, in Ireland, the first outfit that comes to mind is not a strappy, flowy cocktail dress, right? Honestly, a duvet blanket surrounded in lamb’s wool sounded more like it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to start the new duvet dress trend so I had to think of better options.