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S/S 2018: Spring Style Hot Tips Based On Your Budget

Yes, it’s that time of year when many people in my life ask for free advice on fashion and style. #EntrepreneurProblems. The question I frequently get asked when the seasons change – or in Calgary’s case, just the dates on the calendar – is what to purchase for spring to keep on trend. Cue the tweeting birds, luscious foliage, and the buzzing bees. Or sloppy snow storm.

Slumber Party Style

The other morning as I was turbo vacuuming my home in my pyjamas, I wondered why I was still wearing them. I woke up hours ago and could have put on other clothes. Granted, due to my intense cleaning style, I get sweaty so I didn’t want muck up fresh clothes. If I’m being really honest, when I’m at home, I just love to be in pyjamas.

Celebrating Post 150: Best of the Blog

This week marks a milestone: 150 fashion and style posts on “More to It.”  Encouraging others to confidently express their true selves in what they wear so they can live a big life is my goal, the only goal really. For my clients, and me that means aligning what your wear with who you are (and want to be).Clothing that fits and flatters you is just the start.

The Pros and Cons of Corporate Dress Codes

Raise your hand if you have had to abide by a dress code? Was it during your school years? Perhaps it was while working retail or serving job? How about during a stint in corporate Calgary? All three? Me too. The recent waves made by United Airlines on Sunday denying boarding to “pass travellers” wearing leggings have people in a tizzy. For it? Against it? Haven’t heard of it?