Sunglasses Style Says A Lot About You (Without Talking)

Credits - Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Lcoation - 1800 Block of 2nd Avenue NW

With this crazy nice sunshine weather we are having I wanted to give a shout out to one of summer style’s MVPs: the sunglasses. Throughout the season they take us through some pretty stellar moments. The come to the pub and help keep the sun out of our eyes yet our noses get too rosy. They go for long walks down 17th with our dates. If we’re really luck they can even take us poolside.  With all that’s going on in your life it’s important to put on those sunnies because your future never looked so bright.

What pair you choose to wear says a lot about you. At least I think it does. Are you classic? Trendy? Bold? Or Boring? I’ll break down the basics on the style of our beloved shades.


These are the latest "it" items.  A few years back it was the Risky Business-esq frames. You know it’s over where beer boxes come with them as the free gift with purchase. A couple seasons ago it was mirrored and coloured anything. Last year it was all about the round for ladies and prep school meets professor for the fellas. This year it’ shifted to two main trends: the nose bridge wire and larger, architectural frames.


A dear friend makes special note when she feel a I am dressing like an asshole. It’s when I mish mash whatever I feel like and say that it’s an outfit. It’s all happening. That’s what bold frames feel like too. These frames are often humongous. Other times they have crystals, rhinestones or animals on them. They are loud and they are silly. But they are damn fun to wear.


There is nothing too exceptional here to note. These are the frames that folks choose likely due to an activity other than sunbathing. Weird, right? Often times it’s labeled as a sporting equipment necessity (you know about those those wrap and golf country clubs styles. Ehhhgh.). As much as you try and belabour their purpose to me I’ll never hear it. All I hear is the Charlie Brown whah-whahh-wah-whahh-wha-wha-whahhhh... If it’s utilitarian only, I’m a hard pass.


You’ve met these standbys. Think about your wayfarer, cat eyes, and aviators. There’s no excess bling on the arms. No mirrored or coloured lenses. Just your tried, tested and true shapes with dark, opaque lenses. They do the job without stealing the show. That’s why they are called classic.

Why do I care about what sunglasses say about you? Well, it’s another example of how an item you wear can do all the talking for you. They can be used as an expression of whom you want the world to see. No matter what style suite you best, know it's your personal style. Make it count.

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