The Five Things To Pack for San Diego

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G Schmidt, Location - Hotel Del Coronado

I spent the past weekend in San Diego soaking up the city and tried to soak up the sun but it was cloudy. Thus, I focused more on the sights. Trying to make the most of an overcast day I set my sights on going and seeing the sights. I bought my ticket for the super cheesy yet delightful hop on hop off trolley’s that promise you a slice of the best of the city. I got on the trolley and we were off.

Item 1: Jacket

Because I was staying on Coronado Island one have to cross the behemoth of the bridge into San Diego. Magnificent views aside, it was windy. Crazy windy. Scary to be on the trolley with open windows, scary. That’s brings me to item one: pack a jacket or thick sweater. It’s beautiful but brisk so layer up.

Item 2: Sunglasses

Don’t let those clouds fool you. You will need protection. Bring a few pairs of sunglasses because you’ll need a pair every time you step outside. Despite the cloudy skies and protection I still managed to get too much sun on the face. Be sure to SPF up and don a hat and glasses.

Item 3: Sneakers

Bring your sneakers. Yep, it’s a place full of great activities: golf, beach, trails, walking tours, and tennis courts aplenty. I’m not one to gear up in active wear and go out in public often but this city calls for it. If getting sporty is not your thing, it’s worth it to pretend you do so that you can inconspicuously watch for the recruits in training at the Navy Seals facilities. I kid, I kid.

Item 4: Swimsuit

With all of the beaches and pools, you’re bound to want to get in that water. Do it. The options are endless as the beaches are state run and kept up to snuff. Of course the hotels do a great job of keeping you comfortable poolside with their loungers, cocktails and stellar service.

Item 5: Tour Book

Pack a tour book or ensure you can access wifi. This area has so much history it would be a shame not to treat yourself to a tour. Whether you are interested in sports (Padres or Chargers), military (Navy, fleets galore), outlet shopping (so close to Greater L.A.), the culture (only a hop skip and a jump to Mexico) or you are a movie buff (Top Gun,  Some Like It Hot) there’s something for you.

The above list is not shocking, I know, but bears outlining. See you there next time