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A Prairie Girl In Paris

Some girls dream of wedding days. Other gals dream about a home full of children. Others yet dream of their name on a wall at a fancy office. Some dream of all three or none of that. Right to choose, right? Getting back to it, since I came to know about Paris, this prairie girl dreamed of going there.

TMI: The Work Behind It

It’s a bundle of excitement around here as I’m deep into preparation for my first, at home pop-up shop. It’s been a tizzy getting everything ready and as per usual I’m sweating a bit crossing off the seemingly insurmountable list of to-do’s while also taking sweet, delectable joy in the work along the way.

Debunking the “Effortless” Myth

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Her style was so effortless,” before. Typically one imagines some Parisian “it” girl looking put together walking around confident AF. When someone says that expression around me, I tease, “Oh like a crazed woman at a drug store, at midnight, sick as a dog getting cough syrup and couldn’t-will-herself-to-get-dressed kind of effortless?” My humour rarely lands well.

Thinking About Taste is Keeping Me Up At Night

The past few weeks one thing I can’t seem to shake off is the idea of taste. Good taste, bad taste, the taste in my mouth. I think about the people who are deemed tastemakers and things that are perceived as distasteful. I ask myself questions like, “Who decides the taste? Who and why does one challenge set taste?” And perhaps the most paralyzing and completely self centred thought, “Do I have “good” taste?”

Are DIY Projects Elaborate Self Flagellation?

I’ll say it. When it comes to style I dislike fitting in, looking like everyone else, and a lot of the hurry-up-and-join-everyone-else trends for trend sake. This is not to say that I don’t love seeing a new interpretation of something and thinking to myself, “Hey that looks like it’s my jam.” Or “So-and-so would look greatttttt in that.” Fashion is fun. That’s part of the attraction. Where I struggle is the seemingly inauthentic adoption of “cool” just because it’s what everyone is doing.