5 Reasons Why I Wear Black to Workout

5 Reasons Why I Wear Black to Workout

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - YYC Cycle Kensington

Working out is not a natural inclination for me. I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t look forward to going. Rather, it’s a necessity for a more healthy, balanced life. I admit, I make excuses and sometimes it takes a lot to haul my ass to class and get moving. Once I’m there, it’s fine. I get through it and bask in that endorphin kick glow afterwards. Like many things for me, working out seems more palatable with the right gear. For me, that’s often times black coloured workout gear.

Black is not a celebration colour for me. It’s a solid staple in my wardrobe, sure, but not my go to. Rather, it evokes a sense of feelings in me that often I want to tap into. Below are 5 reasons why I wear black to get fit.

Reason 1: Camouflage

Pragmatically speaking, black synthetics, thanks to Lululemon and others, do a fantastic job of making my sweaty carcass looks not so gnarly. Under my clothing is a whole waterworks situation but it’s all taken care of aesthetically. We’ve all been to a class where someone decided to wear heather grey cotton. Wicking master it is not. Rather, that person wearing that light coloured cotton looks more like a dairy cow than a human after the workout. I understand most are not as conscious of these things but I am.

Reason 2: Silhouette

Building right off the vanity of the first reason, black is a typically slimming colour. When you’re working on keeping your silhouette healthy, why not let the colour of your clothes work a bit for you? Let them put in a solid effort and help you look more svelte.

Reason 3: Cost Savings

I’m likely not the only one to purchase a lot of black workout wear. Black seems to be always available in store. Sometimes the brands make too much of one style. This is where I capitalize. My work takes me to shopping centres and boutiques weekly. I’m always cruising the stores and checking out the deals. A lot of these deals are on black garments and exercise essentials are no different. If reason 1 and 2 aren’t enticing enough, maybe getting gear on sale is.

Reason 4: Motivation

My personal style is dramatically varied. I dress for my mood and for what’s on deck for my day. One such day I may be in a tailored suit and blouse. The next day I may be in men’s baggy jeans and a crop top shirt. I draw energy and confidence from my clothing. Because working out is truly hard work for me, I need all the motivation I can get. Black clothing makes me personally feel like a badass. It’s like I am a bit harder around the edges. I take that feeling and use it to get through the class. When I’m struggling, I check out my black duds, grit my teeth, and tell myself to buck the fuck up.

Reason 5: Occasion

Further to my mood, I tend to dress for the occasion. Over the years I have listened to, studied and sometimes been told from others what the occasion calls for. A few years ago that guidance came in the form of a bus advertisement for a gym. It read, “Wear black to workout. It’s like attending a funeral for your fat.” I needed nothing more than that.

Are you interested to know where I workout? Check out CityCrush and YYC Cycle for upcoming classes. Together they seem to be keeping me more in check.

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