Comedian Analysis: Three Reasons Why Amy Schumer is It

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - 1700 Block of 2 Avenue NW

A couple weeks ago Amy Schumer was presented with the Trailblazer Award at the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards. In her acceptance speech she used her brash, filthy language and deliberate, paced phrasing to entertain and thank her supporters. She, too, openly admitted her weight to the crowd. That’s trailblazing.

In my experience, a woman’s weight is her best-kept secret. To borrow from a catch phrase from the idiotic policy in the U.S. Military, it’s a “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” situation.

I’m giving praise to her because it’s just a number. Good for her for rebelling against it's supposed stigma and power. Alone it doesn’t dictate healthiness. It is what it is. No different than a number in a dress or shoe. The more we share and embrace the truth, the less “scary” it is. More importantly, if you can accept it the less likely you’ll feel lesser. You'll need that strength when the media and Hollywood try and shove their ideals in our face.

Reason 1

I am an advocate for looking your best by dressing the body you have. Most women, if asked, would change their weight upwards or downwards given the chance. It's too bad. I think pounds should carry as much weight in self love as grade school marks should carry in being considered smart: big swings up or down may need monitoring but little ups and downs, no biggie. This is why I love Amy Schumer. She seems to accept and love her looks just as they are. She has fun with clothing and makeup but it comes from a place of acceptance not harm.

Reason 2

Another reason I love Amy Schumer is that she refuses to accept that systemic misogyny has a role in 2015 (or ever). She challenges these accepted but certainly not acceptable norms through her work. On her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer Schumer tackles current hot topics such as rape culture, men and their relationship with females wearing make up, and the perception that women have to fit a certain mould to be “hot enough” for TV. She is a voice for women, younger and older, to ask people to cut the shit. She also gives men good reason to refuse to be a dumbass.

Reason 3

Finally, she’s funny. She’s bold and she’s often the punch line of her own jokes. I think she’s wise in using that method to help control her message. If you have something bad to say about Schumer, she’s likely already said it. She beat you to it. What else can anyone sling at her? It may seem a defensive strategy to some. I think it’s brave and hilarious.

Should you have some hours to kill and some (misogynist) attitudes to change, I encourage you to check her out. If she’s not your thing, tough, her movie Trainwreck is just around the corner and it’s about to be everywhere.