Career Analysis: Model Cara Delevingne

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home, Magazines - Vogue

Oh Cara. Miss Delevinge seems to be everywhere. Fall advertisements and campaign are being released and there is a lot of her. Major campaigns that I can recall include Balmain, Burburry Prosorium, Chanel, DKNY, Fendi, La Perla and most recently she is the sole face of Topshop Fall 2014. Oh yes, Cara.

Full disclosure here: I am a fan. But being the somewhat rational person I am I thought to myself,  “Just how big of a deal is she?” I took a look at some of the numbers available and here is what I found. The (take the source with a grain of salt, please) notes 40 walking appearances in various shows this past season. Her net worth is reported at $1 million as of March 2014. It is also worth mentioning that Cara has a namesake Mulberry Collection with the fashion brand. A gal with her own designer bag? That means something. Can we take a minute and let that soak in… how dreamy (for real).

In terms of net worth, she has a way to go. Don’t misinterpret me; she’s worth a hefty sum, just not as much as other models, check, moguls. lists the top 15 models net worth with Cindy Crawford (third at $100 million), Gisele Bundchen (second at $250 million) and Kathy Ireland (first at $350 million) rounding out the top 3 spots. But 2014 is not over yet and she appears to remain high in demand.

Looking at her social media she has 6 million Instagram and 1.7 million Twitter followers as of early August of this year. Her unabashed content ranges from inspirational quotes to silly celebrity filled snaps. She gets political too. In June and again in July she posed for the Free the Nipple (@freethenipple, #freethenipple) campaign where the advocates are raising awareness for, “the decriminalization of the female body.” She is a champion of bacon, contorting her face for a laugh and fashion brand pimping in equal measure. Hell, she even got Reese Witherspoon to lighten up a bit at the Met Gala (she swore while trying to pronounce her surname).

Full of life and willing to share, the 21-year-old model is keeping us voyeurists on the edge of our seat. Celebrity gossip, such as is watching and reporting her every move. Including who she is spending time with on and off the catwalk. (Side note: can we elevate society’s thinking and obsession on needing to define others’ sexual preferences and identity? It’s none of your damn business. Say Larry King attempting to speak to Anna Paquin about it. You’re not as tuned in as you once were, hey Larry?) 

What I find interesting is her brazen approach to living her life fully. She does not seem to be shy about many things. She is also living in the moment like many 20 something’s do. She’s not afraid to take a stand or talk about what she thinks. Maybe the most compelling thing I notice is that while she is uber popular, she doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously. She’s enjoying the ride. We are watching her while she does it.

I am curious to see where her career goes and how she enjoys her success. Oh Cara, indeed.

What do you think? Are you enjoying seeing her so much or are you a bit done?