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It’s Time for #PlusIsEqual at New York Fashion Week

It’s that time again. It’s New York Fashion Week. While the streets are flooded with the usual fashion community, a newer movement, too, is hitting the streets. Designers, models, stylists and supporters flooded Times Square for the #PlusIsEqual Lane Bryant event. The campaign is calling for support in representation of all sizes of women in fashion. Excuse the forthcoming location pun, but I think it’s much overdue in terms of time.

Career Analysis: Model Cara Delevingne

Being the somewhat rational person I am I thought to myself,  “Just how big of a deal is she?” I took a look at some of the numbers available and here is what I found. The (take the source with a grain of salt please) notes 40 walking appearances in various shows this past season. Her net worth is reported at $1 million as of March 2014. It is also worth mentioning that Cara has a namesake Mulberry Collection with the fashion brand. A gal with her own designer bag? That means something.

Model Diversity in Latest Balmain Campaign

You may ask why does diversity in fashion matter to me? Well, bluntly put, I am bored of seeing the same old same. I invite designers and brands to wake me up and shock me with something new not only with the fashion but the women and men who wear that fashion. I welcome designers and brands to show me, a consumer, their proposed future. Brands have the opportunity to create whatever products they like and for whomever. Do it then. Show me your vision. Try not to put me to sleep.