What I Wear At The Cabin

What I Wear At The Cabin

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Katepwa Lake, Saskatchewan

My vanity and the desire to live a well-dressed life can to take front seat most of the time. That falls by the wayside in a few occasions: when I’m at home; when I’m not feeling well; and when I’m at the cabin.

The latter is where you find me now. I have the extreme fortune of having extended family in cabins all over the Qu’Appelle Valley. If you don’t know where that is, good, it can be my little Sasky secret. My childhood is speckled with time at a lake water skiing, swimming, and swatting away mosquitos most of the summer. It was mint.

Now I get back for visits from time to time and I get a sliver of what I had in abundance as a kid. Let me tell you something: though it’s not as frequent or for as long of a time, it’s still just as good. But when it comes to cabin style, practicality plays a huge part.

Practicality to me should always play a part. No different than I would recommend anyone to plan your clothing based on what your day holds for you in the city, do the same when you're at the cabin. I will say it it is a bit different in the sense that when your day oscillates from boat to yard games to campfire, so things don’t need to be that serious in the clothing department. It’s still on purpose, though. For the record, the only thing I try to take seriously here is my application and reapplication of SPF. And Spikeball.

That said I still have the desire to feel and dress like myself. A cabin friendly version of myself, that is. I try not to purchase anything different for the cabin, such as cotton beach cover-ups, sarongs, or T-shirts; rather I take things I already own and throw them on in new combos.

Need a cover up? Wear your favourite jersey or overalls.

Want a sarong? Use a large scarf.

Purchase a T-shirt and use for one thing? No way, Jose, that’s not working hard enough to earn it’s way into my closet.

I want each of my pieces, aside from a few ultra special, sentimental items, to work and be worn in multiple ways. Let’s take a lakeside style stroll together, shall we? Some of my favourite things to wear include:   

My gifted muumuu from somewhere in the pacific

For me, this is a must (bonus points for having buttons to adjust for the day, sleeves that cover my roasted, toasted sun soaked shoulders, and a spiffy collar) because why not? It has the added attraction of the reminder of my lived one every time I pull that sucker over my head.

Cargo shorts from the men’s department

My aversion to wearing made-for-a-grown-women shorts lives on another day.  I know I should but I can’t love regular shorts. Whereas borrowing from the boys seems to do the sartorial trick. Go figure.

Long dresses

Should you fancy dresses, these are by and far the most comfortable, yet put together thing to wear when it’s hot out. There’s no bunching, no riding up, no matching bottom and top, just easy breezy contentment. One and done. This hard working garment keeps you covered from the sun, yet keep temperature cool and super styling. I would give ever pair of shorts and T’s away for even one long dress.

These are a mere serving of the things I love to pack and wear come cabin time. How about you? Pro-shorts? What’s your hat situation like? Sunglasses game? Do you YOLO when it comes to shoes?

Gotta go, the water is like glass and it's time to ski.

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