What Brand Will Meghan Markle Wear To Marry Prince Harry?

What Brand Will Meghan Markle Wear To Marry Prince Harry?

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Buckingham Palace, London

It’s not very often that I become outright smitten. Aside from dogs or beautiful shoes, there’s not much ooey-gooey going on inside this frigid unit. If you feel a “but” coming on, you’re correct. Because not even cold-hearted me can escape the modern fairytale-like charm of the upcoming royal wedding.

The world have known for months that May 19 is the big day for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed, royal title TBA (I’m not a royal title expert). What I didn’t know months ago was that I would be lucky enough to be in London the week leading up to it. Thus, I have a high British festivities appetite.

Let me be clear: my appetite is for what she’ll wear at Windsor, not so much the wedding. As of this writing, mum is the word on what brand gets the honour to make THE dress of 2018. When it was Catherine’s turn in 2011, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton had the honour.

There is a great-for–the-ROI-nerd-in-your-life article from the New York Times, which explicitly lays out the increased brand web traffic, and cold, hard sales that Markle has directly influenced. The chief executive David Haigh of

“…Brand Finance, a British consultancy that specializes in brand valuation (especially of intangible assets)” had to revise his original valuation. The article goes on to say, “Mr. Haigh began to revise his projections upward. Now, he believes, the wedding itself will have economic repercussions “closer to GBP one billion — and to be honest, it could be more than that.”

That is a huge influx of cash, cash money, y’all. With the family drama and her time as an actress, I suspect that Markle has strategy to spare especially when it comes to dressing the part. She seems acutely aware what she is doing and that people are watching – and purchasing – who she wears. There’s proof. That same article notes,

“We’ve seen that Meghan Markle is very considered in her choice of what she wears, and understands the soft power fashion can have in terms of connecting to a community, shining a light on local companies and using what you wear to challenge conventions,” said Caroline Rush, the chief executive of the British Fashion Council.

This is a big ass deal and she knows it. There is chatter that she will likely pick a British designer. But she, too, has already been quietly breaking traditions in favour of a ever-so-slightly more progressive style than many of the royals. Of course she has more flexibility in that area, than say Catherine Cambridge, as Harry is - at the last count - sixth in line for the throne.

Come Saturday, I’ll be fidgeting on my couch waiting for her grand entrance wearing... who? Below are my guesses and accompanying rationale.

Leaning Towards a No

Alexander McQueen – This is only a no because Catherine Cambridge wore it.

Stella McCartney – Perhaps too popular because you, know, her Dad’s a Beatle. Also I’m not sold on her range in the ever-so-fine bridal segment.Streetwear, yes. Love, love, love. Bridal? Perhaps no.

Vivienne Westwood – Though I’d personally love this, she may be too punk of a statement. And Carrie Bradshaw already tried it, so no?

Will She Say Yes To This Brand’s Dress?

Erdem – Erdem is a Canadian label based in London who is a favourite with royals ion other occasions. Wearing Londoners-via-Canada would blend all that time she filmed in Toronto for Suits with a local brand.

Temperley – A beloved British brand that does romantic silhouettes so, so well. This line is more decadent in the tiny details that the normal north America in-your-face “cupcake” poof style that man of us are familiar with.

Ralph & Russo – Strongest case for this brand is that she wore this label for the engagement photos. Why not keep the relationship rolling? Well, because…

Burberry - I want this to be true so I fear it may be colouring my prediction too much. I can’t deny that it’s a classic British brand that’s become on the “it” list again. It ticks all the boxes. Will we see the iconic plaid?

Regardless of whom she wears on Saturday the whole world will be watching. Bring on the fascinators. Honestly, not only am I excited for the dress; I, too, am excited that who can actually become a princess is being expanded, finally. Thanks for falling in love, Harry. That’s, too, why I will be refreshing on repeat.

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