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Calgary’s Newest Department Store: Simons Says What?

Simons – the Quebec-based department store - just opened in Calgary. Thoughts, fashion friends? Many clients and loved ones share with me how overwhelmed the get in a department store. It appears that anxiety is exasperated when it is a discount department store such as Saks Off 5th or Winners. “There’s too much clutter,” “Everything is jammed in there,” “It’s a pig sty,” are some of the common comments. All true.

10 Ways to Be A Bad Shopper This Holiday Season

With American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday in the rear view mirror on this wild ride of living life beautifully it’s time to focus on the most festive - and at times most stressful - time of the year. The holidays! But before we delight at the gifts under the trees, bellies full of turkey and booze, we have to get ready for all the fun. Instead of me telling you to make a list and check it twice wouldn’t it be more fun to be bad?

Fast Fashion Fan or Just a Fanatic?

I pride myself on getting a stylish deal. I also pride myself on having quality-crafted items in my wardrobe for years and years. So it should not be a surprise that often the two statements are more mutually exclusive than the Venn diagram of closet awesomeness I was hoping for. I want to have the cake and eat it too. So being a somewhat rational person on a self-propelled journey of enlightenment, I decided to weigh the pros and cons of fast fashion.