Shameless Plug For The Pop Up Sale

Shameless Plug For The Pop Up Sale

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah’s home and Pop Up address

After the festivities tonight and the inevitable horrendous, yet sensational sugar come down, you may be thinking about weekend plans. Why not include a stop by the pop-up shop I have been whipping up for y’all?

Over the years I’ve nurtured a tendency to look out for the finer things: sumptuous fabrics, gorgeous glassware, and, of course, lots of familiar labels that I can get my excited paws gently on. The loot I have squirrelled away is stunning. It’s too much for one person to put to good use. Getting use out of the things your love matters to me: not only should you treasure a gorgeous piece, I want you to use it in your everyday life.

I often hear, “I have nowhere to wear that.” Or, “I save those platters for special occasions.”  

I often respond, “Why wait? You’re amazing today so why not enjoy your amazing things today, too? Live a little.”

One of the things I hold dear to me and my work is putting effort in surrounding myself - and yourself, I hope - with joy. Use that beloved thing as much as you can. For instance, why save everything for a special occasion? I think - nope, I know - you are sensational right the ding-dong-dangit moment right here and now. Enjoy it.

Have you ever had the delight of drinking kombucha or sparkling water out of an antique wine glass at lunch at home? Tout sweet.

Or how about wearing those not-just-for-nights-out sequins with your favourite jeans? Bring that sparkle to daytime, gurl.

Even setting out a table cloth for a night of takeout brought home can be a small delight in an otherwise average day.

If you are lacking gorgeous goodies in your life, I’ve got you. That’s why I’m sharing my – and some special guest - finds with you. Even if you’re not wanting to shop for yourself, what about scoring a “Love It Again” a gift for someone else? There is something divine about a one-of-a-kind gift that has been loved before – and will be loved again by you or yours. Feel good knowing you’ve been mindful about doing our part to save the planet, fashion friends. If nothing else, come by and gab with me as we enjoy a nibble and a slosh of drink. My treat.

Simply put I want to encourage you and your loved ones to live you best life now. Right now. Today. Well, starting Friday and Saturday.  

_ _

Details for the pop up are here.

Are you blue becuase you can’t make it but still want in on the action? If convincing someone to come and do your shopping for you doesn’t work out, contact me and we can set up a virtual shop via FaceTime or Skype or by unicorn.

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