This Summer: Try Styling More and Shopping Less

This Summer: Try Styling More and Shopping Less

Credits: Photos - Kaycee Foy, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Hillhurst, Calgary

Recently I was gob smacked by something a friend told me. When another friend complemented her skirt she said thank you. She quickly – almost in the same breath - followed that with, ”I plan to wear it to every wedding this summer. Don’t tell.”

I wasn’t gob smacked that she was going to wear it on repeat; I was taken aback by her apparent apology for her savvy. She looked over to me and said, “I know you’d want me to wear it over and over and not shop new every time, it’s just different than what I’m used to.”

I don’t think she’s alone in that feeling. Many people feel pressured to wear a new outfit for each event. It’s also not lost on me that as a professional shopper, it seems counter intuitive that I am the one encouraging my clients and loved ones to rework what they already have. Shopping is fantastic – it’s my favourite workout - but it’s not the first go-to for me. I say work with what you have and only shop after you’ve identified a real gap in your wardrobe.

Especially now that we’re soaking up the sun in wedding season I suspect many people feel pressured to get a new outfit for each separate event. That seems silly – and outrageously expensive - to me. I love a good value and I want every client and friend to get that cost per wear working hard AF for them. I much prefer my friend’s approach of wearing the same piece on high rotation.

Naturally, I would encourage her – and everyone interested in fashion, really - to flex her styling muscles a bit and try wearing that piece with different things in different combinations rather than the same outfit again and again. While a totally functional approach, that can get tired, quick. If you mix it up a bit, the article will feel fresher for longer. But I continue to get reminded that coming up with new styling can be a bit tricky.

Fashion friends, please know that I want to be a person that motivates and encourages your personal style expression. I don’t endeavour to be another harsh critic, though I understand that critiquing style can come out that way a lot. Real talk: know that I only want the best for you. That’s why I push. Please know, too, that I know that fashion can be exhausting for most people. Knowing that, I’ve got some ideas for you using stuff you likely already have (or can borrow).

Oversize White Dress Shirt

Little Black Dress

Midi Pleated Skirt

Slip Dress

Square Silk Scarves

Are you having fun yet? Please, please, pretty please, tag me on your looks this summer. There’s nothing more delicious than seeing you living your YOLO-dressed life – and having some fun along the way.


Gallery Photos - Kaycee Foy

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