S/S 2018: Spring Style Hot Tips Based On Your Budget

S/S 2018: Spring Style Hot Tips Based On Your Budget

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Macewan Hall, U of C

Yes, it’s that time of year when many people in my life ask for free advice on fashion and style. #EntrepreneurProblems. The question I frequently get asked when the seasons change – or in Calgary’s case, just the dates on the calendar – is what to purchase for spring to keep on trend. Cue the tweeting birds, luscious foliage, and the buzzing bees. Or sloppy snow storm.

Instead of sharing my sartorial thoughts with only the in-the-flesh people, I wanted to share them with you, my fashion friends. Freebies for everyone.

If your budget is $10…

… why not purchase a new nail polish? It’s a quick pick me up that will last for dozens of in-home manicures and pedicures. If you’re looking for a shade that’s right now, try the Pantone 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet. If punchy purple is not your jelly, tell that Millennial pink to make way for bright yellow, the so-called colour of Generation Z that is taking over.

If you want to spend $20…

… sunglasses are an easy-peasie way to freshen up a look without breaking the bank. Wearing a new pair of–the-moment shapes including tiny lenses and cat eye shapes is an instant way to keep your cool. Check out the cheaper house brands at your favourite local boutique or mega retailers. Use these new gems at all your festivals, BBQs, and beach days so by the time summer ends and the glasses are on their last legs, you’ve given them a great run. Should you lose them before the leaves fall, know it could have been a deeper sting if you spent a whack tonne on them.

Say you’ve got more than $50 burning a hole in your pocket…

… why don’t you call me? Let's chat so that I can help make sure that it fits, flatters, and actually fills a gap in your wardrobe, rather than buying just to buy. A handy rule of thumb is to try and get the cost per wear down to $2. If you buy a wedding guest dress that costs $80 and you only wear it twice before getting rid of it, your cost per wear is $40. Say we find something that is so you, still for $80, but you wear it over and over again the next 5 years, that is a better buy.

For all the DIYers out there…

... it may be the time for you to create your own, totally personalized custom Frankenstein Monster-esq denim piece. Either jazz up beloved denim your already own and love that needs a second life or head to the Goodwill and grab a new-to-you piece. When it comes to what to do to them, it’s really a “pick your poison” situation. Have a blast fraying, adding stitches, painting, or bedazzling with rhinestones, stars, or other metal. Pinterest is your playground. Send me a picture of the final product, or hot mess, would you?

Let’s say you’d prefer to freshen up what you already have…

... I’d say do you, boo boo. Sprucing yourself up this spring without a doubt can include your closet and the goodies inside. Throwing some mink oil on your dark leather (do a test patch first), shining your shoes, taking off-season coats into the dry cleaners, and re-organizing your space are just a few ideas to get that feeling of renew without bringing more things into your space. Loving what you have is a wonderful ambition.

For those not wanting to spend this spring…

… add a little extra to your savings account for your retirement, special purchase, or that unforeseen but inevitable rainy day YOLO desire.

Update me on your progress. Tag me, fashion friend.

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