TMI: Still Shopping, Not Buying

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sunridge Mall

Fashion friends, as you all know, I am in the midst of a “no spend January.” I’m at the halfway mark and appear to be keeping it together. At least that’s what I’m telling my partner. See I’ve still been lusting over wish list items; it’s just that - and here's the twist - I haven’t been buying them.

Sigh. I remember when window-shopping as a kid was enough. I’m trying to re-channel that now though it’s not working at press time. I’d like to think that is partly due to the advances in online commerce. One can go down the rabbit hole of the January sale section of the glorious internet any time they please. As a teen, I needed to drive to the city to visit the actual stores if the flyers in the newspaper weren’t getting it done. Technology may have ruined me.

That’s where you will find me now. Online. Lusting one click at a time. I cannot be trusted inside a store with all the lovely, discounted things right now; I’m too vulnerable. Knowing oneself is key. I know that I will find something I love, inevitably on sale – as I am a thrifty shopper - and want to buy it. Thus I have been keeping my VISA at home. At home as in not on my person. I’m not sure the last time I’ve left the house without plastic warming my purse. If memory is serving me correctly, I have had a card on me since I got my VISA at eighteen. Is my credit card my one true ride-or-die accessory? Sheesh. The thinking is, I may get tempted, so remove the possibility of following through is keeping me in check.

Back to online, there I can at least control myself. As a fruitless exercise, I often fill up a shopping basket or leave a few windows open with my lovelies so I can look at them. But I rarely buy. I enjoy the in-store process too much. Consequently, I am strong enough to keep my fingers from fishing for my card and clicking ”next.” But I sure would like to. Do you want to know what’s been tickling my fancy and filling my online basket? These four have been on my mind.

I’ve been on the hunt for some all black sunglasses and these are ticking all the boxes for me. They are large, in charge, and just a bit silly. Perhaps that should be my personal style MO? See, you can always find something useful, even on the most basic of tasks, which can add clarity to your life. Thanks, online sunglasses I’m not buying. You've been a big help.

Next, I’ve been hunting for the Bonnie to complete the Clyde – Clyde being the sunglasses – for some time. I tried to put a chain on my Christmas list, but this local shop had sold out before I could get my stocking stuffed. Alas, these good folks have them. I long for the one-two-hit thrill the sunnies and chain would have given my heist victims and me but it shall not be. Yet.

What’s also been knocking at my style door is an ultra high waist pair of stiff dark denim jeans. These babes will do the trick for this ultra long torso I possess. Once I get them home, I will distress them myself to the idyllic state and thus they will be pusedo-custom-mine-all-mine forever. All this saving is making me sound like a corny old movie star.

The final piece that’s been rattling around is a jaunty cap. We short haired ladies don’t have the luxury of an up-do on a non-wash day. Nope, we must do our hair or don a hat. For those out there wearing their bed head proudly, I salute you. Though I am too vain to try. This little buddy would have a lovely home in my wardrobe whenever it’s – I mean, I’m – ready to.

If I’d press go on all these items I would just exceed the two hundred dollar mark. What’s the big deal, you may ask? The big deal is threefold:

  1. Money spent is money not saved (Yours truly, Captain Obvious).
  2. I made and deal and won’t break that deal with to my partner (You'd understand if you could see his disappointed face).
  3. My mom didn't raise a quitter (Unless it was a crummy date, job, or addiction).

We wait, fashion friends. We wait. I find comfort in the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” (There I go again with the cheese). However overused it may sound, it likely has some merit. We’ll see what I’m still obsessing over in a few more weeks time.