Are Men’s Underwear A Better Fit Than Women’s?

Credits: Photo - Kaycee Foy, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

Credits: Photo - Kaycee Foy, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

It’s confession time. It’s not so much a secret as more of an oddity. My stomach is a bit in knots because I feel a bit like a traitor. See, these days, I’ve been rocking underwear that I didn’t get at a ladies store. Nah. I’m wearing the tight white variety that I purchased in the men’s section.

I’m no stranger to borrowing from the boys, but I feel this latest leap is new territory. I know I’m not the first fashion girl to wear Calvin’s underneath my skirts. Carrie Bradshaw – via stylist Patricia Fields – had this look locked in the late 90s. I had forgotten about it until recently. They were on to something. See I find the women’s choices a bit lacking in coverage department. Whatever Victoria’s Secret and La Senza are selling in the briefs line is laughable. No matter what I do in my day or what I layer or not overtop they do not stay put. I should note that I am but one (pun intended) body out there. I’m sure for many other ladies they do the trick. I repeat, I’m not one of those women.

One of the setbacks with underwear shopping is that trying them on is not a hygienic option. Fully support that restriction. Thus, we take a guess at it and are often disappointed with our non-refundable – for good reason – purchases. Thus we try. We try and we fail. Then we try, try again.

I’ve tried the department store brands but none seem to accommodate my long torso and full tush and hips. I am by no means the curviest gal out there so I’m curious who else is left wanting in the women’s intimate apparel section? Also, I’m not sure if it’s a flesh thing or a bone structure thing. All I know is that I’m a bit at a loss. Sure, I could go the boutique route. Many women’s size and fit needs exist outside of the mall stores selection. Boutiques are often a lovely option. But Am I alone is saying that we need more affordable options. Maybe someday I will fancy the boutiques. For now though, I want fit and a bit of a bargain.

Please don’t get started on the seamless varieties. I’ve tried. They move around more than my home possessions did during my University years. No matter the fabric, they shift and squish and bunch. Not a good look. I feel like after earning my “woman” status many, many moons ago, I go do what I dang well please. Especially because what the gals are offering is not getting the job done right.

Don’t fret for me, we all have our fit issues. Please know I’ve cracked the case. Enter the men’s section in my life. I should clarify: enter the Calvin Klein outlet store men’s section. Ever the shopping optimist, I was in the store looking at the gitch options for the gals. My eyes lifted and gazed far away over to the men’s. Then an idea struck me like a bolt of lightening: check out the men’s stuff. As the thrifty shopper I like to think I am, I started to compare prices. Hot tip that may be a surprise: the gentlemen’s options were nearly half the price of the ladies and came in multipacks. Schwing!

Faced with what to pick I mulled over the boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. I couldn’t resist grabbing the iconic white briefs. I, too, liked the idea of wearing boxer briefs instead of the female option of laughable “booty shorts” that make a mockery of my figure. It’s very uncomfortable having that much fabric jam it’s way up my backside after taking a measly fifteen steps. Picture this: if I could manage to be still, not move an inch, I could keep them in place, maybe. I digress. Back to the shopping, I estimated my size in both options based on my work with male clients. Paid and bagged, I left with a grin on my face.

When I wear them I get a bit giddy. It may sound silly but I really am into them. I love the his hers juxtaposition when I pair them with a dress. They are more comfortable than any cotton brief I have worn before. The best part is they actually stay in place. This may be too intimate for some so fair warning. They actually stay in that unspoken spot between you butt check and upper back thigh. No upward creep to report. Simply put, they fit me better.

Sure, they don’t work for every style of garment. Some skirts, dresses, and pants skim too close. Not all things work all the time. I will say that I think you’d be surprised that they do work more times than they don’t. I’m aware, too, that some women wouldn’t dare wear men’s underwear out of principal. That’s cool, do you.

For those that are looking for a bargain, fed up with the women’s lacking options, and are flexible with what they wear, try one some men’s undies. I dare you.