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New Year, New You?

Check out this 2019, fashion friends. Isn’t she gorgeous already? I know it hasn’t even been a haute couture minute just yet – we’re on day two - but I can’t shake the feeling of something on the horizon and the ripe opportunity to renew.

TMI: Still Shopping, Not Buying

Fashion friends, as you all know, I am in the midst of a “no spend January.” I’m at the halfway mark and appear to be keeping it together. At least that’s what I’m telling my partner. See I’ve still been lusting over wish list items; it’s just that - and here's the twist - I haven’t been buying them.

Are DIY Projects Elaborate Self Flagellation?

I’ll say it. When it comes to style I dislike fitting in, looking like everyone else, and a lot of the hurry-up-and-join-everyone-else trends for trend sake. This is not to say that I don’t love seeing a new interpretation of something and thinking to myself, “Hey that looks like it’s my jam.” Or “So-and-so would look greatttttt in that.” Fashion is fun. That’s part of the attraction. Where I struggle is the seemingly inauthentic adoption of “cool” just because it’s what everyone is doing.

The One Shopping Item That Got Away

When you hear the phrase, “The one that got away,” what do you think of? Long lost lovers that you parted ways with yet contemplate now and then? A pet that’s gone that you still mourn for many years later? Or even a vacation you decided to pass on because you feared going away for too long? Turns out I’m not romantic.