Celebrating Post 150: Best of the Blog

Celebrating Post 150: Best of the Blog

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

This week marks a milestone: 150 fashion and style posts on “More to It.”  Encouraging others to confidently express their true selves in what they wear so they can live a big life is my goal, the only goal really. For my clients, and me that means aligning what your wear with who you are (and want to be).

Clothing that fits and flatters you is just the start. You can also use your purchasing power to support brands that align with your values (and refuse to buy from those that don’t). I try to bring attention to issues that arise in the word of fashion and style so that we can all think and converse on the societal impacts. And sometimes just to giggle. Fashion is fun.

Although I try to keep my eyes on the road ahead every once in a while I take a moment to look back on how far I’ve come. Self love? Narcissism? Nostalgia? All three? You bet. Regardless, to mark this moment I am sharing my favourite 15 posts to date.

How instances in the everyday can have huge impacts on society...

Age ain't no thang in fashion.

Weddings - and all the trimmings - are mega business.

This Albertan Judge's "dress code" is way out of line.

Debating fur: real or faux?

What equality could look like for 50% of the world's population, ahem, women...

Be mindful of your language when describing women.

Question: are heeled shoes anti-feminist?

Have a giggle with pet peeve fuelled open letters...

Leggings are not pants

White clothing is so tempting yet so testy.

 I urge you to get woke and wake up those around us...

What "counts" as cultural appropriate is debatable, but racial slurs are never fashionable.

Come on, Vogue. Really?

Sports mascots and names matter.

How we can shake off old stereotypes, "rules", and expectations and rewire our brains to love...

Ugh, these two words are still so popular.

Dress for #1 in your life.

When did the beach get to be such a body shame drag?

Finally, the OG post. Where this blog, "More to It," started 149 posts ago...

Welcome to More to It.

Thank you, readers, for the support thus far. Please, please, please tell me what you’re curious to know more about, what I can dig in for you, and how we can help each other evolve and grow into the person we’re each striving to become - while looking amazing - of course.

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