Slumber Party Style

Slumber Party Style

Credits: Photo - Kaycee Foy, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

The other morning as I was turbo vacuuming my home in my pyjamas, I wondered why I was still wearing them. I woke up hours ago and could have put on other clothes. Granted, due to my intense cleaning style, I get sweaty so I didn’t want muck up fresh clothes. If I’m being really honest, when I’m at home, I just love to be in pyjamas.

Of course there are entire departments dedicated to reaping the retail rewards of selling pyjamas. From sensual lingerie all the way to one-piece red waffle thermals, there’s something for everyone. I really got thinking and came up with a hum dinger: With all the types one can choose from, what is the mixology of personal style, warmth, and desired comfort? What types of sleepers are out there?

Sensual Sleepers

Forgive me. As I do not fall into this category, all I can do is hypothesize the motivations. My thinking is that like in the day, some people choose to amp of the sexy factor, even while sleeping. It may or may not have anything to do with sex, rather it may be a personal sensuality that needs expressing. The fabrics too, are pretty luxe. Or so I hear.

Two Piece Dozers

Now this I can speak from experience. I love me a pajama set. True, I was spoiled as a child to have new homemade PJs created just for me every Christmas in flannel patterns and colours I loved. Thanks Mom. I do, however think that I would still love them even if I didn’t have such great access. They are the suits of the pajama world. They are spacious, practical, and they keep me oh so cozy. Which made me thing of the next folks.

Underwear Wonders

These folks take nearly everything off before they slip in their sheets at bedtime. But not everything. This approach balances the need to be cool in bed with just enough coverage for one’s bits and bobs. The sleepwear minimalist, if you will.

Layered Slumbers

I, too, can provide my point of view firsthand on this type of sleeper. If I’m really tired or it’s just really cold outside, I will layer. Tank top, booty shorts, two piece pyjamas, sleeping coat, socks, and the occasional toque are called in to action many times in the winter. Some get claustrophobic just thinking about it. I get a bit sleepy thinking about it.

Casual Catnapers

Then there are those folks who prefer to wear old sweats, tanks, and/or tshirts to bed. Perhaps it’s a beloved sports team or vacation destination scrawled across chests and bottoms that make it a special choice. Maybe it’s a garment that you’ve acquired – ahem stolen – from a loved one. Maybe you’re just pragmatic and think it’s silly to buy sleepwear when there are all sorts of clothing that can be used. No matter, you guys are the repurpose MVPs of the sleepwear world.

Nudie Snoozers

Then of course there are those that prefer to sleep in what they were born in: their birthday suit. I salute your natural warm body temperature (lucky ducks) as well as your bravado. Plus, what’s more budget savvy than buying nothing? In the privacy of your room, do you, boo boo. I hope you have a housecoat or something on standby should the occasion call for. If I got a dollar for every grown adult cringing at their, “I saw my dad naked when I got up to get water at night” stories, I’d have at least enough to buy some PJs.

I love that in the privacy of your own bedroom/ couch/ hotel/ car you can choose to wear whatever you want. It’s a total safe zone. But just because there is no pressure, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be deliberate.

How about you? When you’re off to catch some Zzzz’s, what do you wear? I hope tonight, when you tuck yourself into beddie bye, take a beat and appreciate what you wear when you hit the hay. Sweat dreams.

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