Welcome in 2017 By Celebrating Your Style

Credits: Photo - Anonymous; Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt; Location - The future

Rather than looking back on 2016 with dully-deserved disappointment it may be time to switch gears. 2016 was rough. I’ll, too, save you from the way too sugary sweet and trite #blessed and #grateful posts – though they can be a lovely to take a minute and reflect back with positivity – and get right to what I hope for 2017. I hope there is celebration.

I read somewhere that to truly accept something or someone is to celebrate. Celebrate the achievement. Celebrate the moment. Celebrate the person. Whatever it may be. Just celebrate.

With the road kill of 2016 visible in life’s rear view mirror behind us – fingers crossed - it’s time to celebrate. The clothing you wear tells a story about who you are and what you believe in. It shares how you’re feeling – or wanting to feel – and what matters. It says a lot with out speaking a word. I hope it helps celebrate the most important person in your life: you.

As we simultaneously look back and press forward keep these few style tips in mind.

Dress well for your day.

Know better, do better.

Be a savvy consumer.

Make room for self-expression.

Shine light in the cracks of stereotypes.

Have a heart.

And my wish for every budding style star… dress for you.

It’s time to celebrate. Pop that bubbly and make a toast to your neighbour, your friend, and yourself.