21 Last Days of Summer "It" List

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's Home

August has felt like a “last chance” month for me for many years and 2015 is no different. With just over three weeks left of summer before Labour Day ruins our sunny fun, it’s now or never.

I work best with a deadline that empowers me to make the most of the self-imposed pressure. Get after it. Why not tackle a list of summer sartorial to do’s that will balance frivolity with a sense of accomplishment? I’m calling this the 21 Last Days of Summer "It" List.

  1. Clean out your closet – I suggest you do this Saturday AM when you’re either A) back from a workout and want to put those feel good endorphins to use or B) are hungover from last night’s sangria’s and need to feel like you got something done. Remove at least three items. Need help? I’m here.
  2. Wear a crop top - No matter gender, shape, colour or age, sport the crop. Let your midsection feel the summer breeze.
  3. Wear a swimsuit as a regular piece of clothing - Board shorts and a button down, why not? Onesie bathing suit under a full skirt? Just go for it. I dare you to try not to smile.
  4. Go swimming with your clothes on - Whether you’re dipping into the river or jumping into a lake, there’s something about not giving a damn and just getting in. The clothes will dry.
  5. Shop at a local market - There are fantastic local and second hand gems just a market away. Jackets, art, jewellery are all there for a bargain. If nothing catches your fancy, buy some fresh baked or grown goods and chow down.
  6. Snag last of the season sales at the mall - Go ahead and buy those shoes you’ve been lusting after all season to go on sale. Now that they are discounted, buy ‘em. Wear them into the fall with socks and wham bam - new look.
  7. Wear loud makeup - Slap on some extra thick eyeliner or a lip colour you’re hesitant to try. Loud and proud. It’s just one day.
  8. Don’t wear any make at all (and go out) - Harder than it sounds, hey? Be brave and show your community your au natural self. Again, it’s just one day.
  9. Mend an article of clothing - Pull out your sewing kit (or stapler) and try to fix that hole in a shirt or a pants hem that let out. It’s better to try than to just let it sit there unworn. If all else fails, take it to a tailor.
  10. Wear a piece of clothing from another gender - Wear men’s jeans. Wear a feminine scarf. Who cares? If outwear is too visible for you, there’s always underwear where no passer-by will know what under your clothes. Except you, of course. *Wink
  11. Get a temporary tattoo - Try henna if you get the chance or a street vendor downtown. If that’s too conspicuous, pop $0.50 into a movie theatre vending machine. Where you choose to place it on your body is up to you.
  12. Donate gently used clothes - Remember that closet you cleaned out? Time to give your unwanted items a new life. If you are unsure where to donate, call me.
  13. Try a DIY style project - Want to distress jeans? How about cut the sleeves T shirt to expose those guns? Even slapping fabric paint on a zip up hoodie may provide fun personalized customization to even the simplest garments.
  14. Don’t brush your hair before you head out of the house - Channel your inner Einstein and just walk out the door the way you woke up. You can chant, “I woke up like this” and be telling the truth.
  15. Go for a makeover - Want to try a new look but want to skip the effort of doing it yourself? Book time at a makeup counter
  16. Get dressed up to the nines and go somewhere that’s a two - Get gussied ups in formal wear and go somewhere mundane like a drug store or grocery store. If people ask, which they won’t, lie and say you’re headed to a wedding.
  17. Stay in your pyjamas all day - I wear a full flannel set every night. To pull this off I’ll just channel my inner Rihanna.  If you’re a nude sleeper family breakfast may get a bit strange. Channel you other inner Rihanna (NSFW).
  18. Buy someone dear a gift just because - Think about someone special and go get him/her/they a small gift that shows you care. It needn’t be fancy, just thoughtful.
  19. Try out a new fragrance - The counters at the department stores would love you to keep them company and are willing to send you home with some free samples.
  20. Dance with no shoes on - Kick off your shoes at the next backyard BBQ and just dance. Watch your step if there are dogs.
  21. Wear your sunglasses inside - Why take them off when you look so cool? Wearing your glasses inside will tell others how bright your future is.

Enjoy the last of summer with style exploration. It doesn’t have to be all these to-do’s. Maybe try a few and just have fun. Who knows, maybe one of these small challenges will inspire some new personal style tricks that last longer than those soon to fall eaves on a tree?