Get the Cure: a Pedicure

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt; Location - 2nd Ave & 18 St NW

Now that it’s, dare I say it, spring, it’s time to pull out those lost relics of Canadian closets: sandals. After being cooped up in boots for the past half year, it’s time to let the toes peek out. My feet have been craving some airtime, big-time. I have quite the collection of open toe shoes ready for the season, but I wasn’t ready. More specifically, my feet weren’t ready. They needed a lot of TLC.

Full disclosure, the state of ones’ feet tells me nearly everything I want to know about a person. Nothing like nasty feet to ruin a look (Those with actual conditions, I feel for you. The people who don’t have a condition, shame on you). A woman in a sundress and cute shoes, but unkempt feet, yikes! I am looking forward to seeing fellas in relaxed weekend looks with button down shirts and clean jeans. That is unless his feet look more like a ripe The Walking Dead zombie than a flesh and blood man.

The quickest way for me to become revolted would come with a quick peek at your feet. Please know that this is preventable and not gender specific. It’s totally up to you to keep your body in a well-moisturized and attractive state. Tidy feet and hands are a big deal. No matter your profession, one must take care of their digits. Make the most of your situation and keep it respectable.

I do not discriminate between au natural or nail art to the tens. Please know that you can’t make assumptions based on lifestyle either. For example, I know plenty of athletes with gnarly nails and others with a more pleasant podiatrist approved situation. I also know too many people who wear nice clothes and choose to have nice things but their feet are a problem. Of course, there are folks that have more modest taste but keep those feet up to par. Basically it doesn’t matter who you are, take care out there.

I admire those who self-pedicure. I do. If you are one of these DIY folks, I say good for you. You’re keeping it locked down and your money in your pocket. Perhaps those saved funds are to buy more shoes? Or, you know, to save. Save, what’s that? I digress.

I also understand those that choose to keep regular appointments at their spa or nail shoppe. Those pros are under celebrated heroes in my books. It must be tough looking at feet all day. But I would think it’s rewarding to see the after as compared to what the person slogged in at the start of the appointment. What I like about it most is that people are earning a living at making others their best selves, aesthetically speaking.

This got me thinking, “How much of a living?” does the nail tech/manicurist make? In Calgary, if you go to a strip mall shoppe, a spa pedicure will run you $30-50 dollars per session. At a specialty spa, a pedicure service will run you upward of $80-100 per. Say you go six times a year, that’s $180-$300 or $480-$600 annually, pre-gratuity, respectively. That’s a decent chunk of change (that’s well earned in my opinion).  

Regardless of personal taste on nail decor, can we all agree that they must be well attended to? 

Personally, I am somewhere in between. I like to have the professionals do the heavy work every few months. I want to be sure that my footsies and tootsies are up-to-snuff. In between go’s, I’ll spruce them up a time or two. Of course, my effort pales in comparison to the professionals.

I do like to budget and try to sprinkle my money all over the beauty and fashion world. A saying comes to mind. Something like: “You can have anything, just not everything.”

Where do you stand on the topic of feet? How about any fellas out there with an opinion to share?