It's Shoulder Season

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Queen Elizabeth Elementary School

To most Calgarians, "shoulder season" is the time between seasons when you can’t do your regular activities. No snow left for skiing, for instance, but it’s not yet time for the warmer sports, like mountain biking. For me, it’s more like: "it's the season to whip out the summer duds!" Aka: Shoulder Season has arrived.

Now I know it’s too chilly to don summer dresses and Bermuda shorts, but it’s so close. You may want to wear that silk cap-sleeve blouse, but it’s too cold. You may want to wear that shirt-dress, but your chilly core begs you not to. You may want to push those sweaters and wool to the deep void in the back of your closet until fall, but that’s too drastic. It’s too soon. What’s a seasonally-conflicted person to do? Layer it up with a sharp shoulder jacket.

Remember that cap-sleeve blouse? You want to wear it? “As long as you got me along, why not?” says your good old blazer. How about wanting to spiffy up a t-shirt and jeans on a Friday? “I’ve got your back,” exclaims your tuxedo black jacket and statement shoes. Too chilly to rock just that jumper? Add your friend, Mr. Crop Jacket. Now you’re styling and weather suitable.

I see too many people in summer clothes at plus-five degrees trying to convince me that they are not cold. Even while drinking a cold bevy on a patio, they insist they're comfortable. I would love to go up to them and say, “Hey, buddy with the cargo shorts and beer t-shirt! I appreciate the enthusiasm, I do, but you’re a liar. It’s chilly out. Wear a jacket!”

We’ve all seen that girl in the line for the bar. She’s shivering whilst wearing a mini dress and crossing her arms. She’s not wearing tights, she’s not wearing a jacket and she is pretending not to care that it’s March in Calgary. But I get it. That body has been cooped up all winter and you want to get your swerve on. You can still do that if you include, say, a leather jacket and opaque stockings, yes? Your non-existent veracious veins thank you. 

A strong shouldered jacket can say a lot. To me, it’s says all good things. Statements like, “This jacket is just the ticket for keeping my somewhat casual look a little more classy.” Or, “Broad shoulders are attractive because they frame a physique and highlight an upper body.” And finally my personal favourite, “I care about how I look.”

Some may gravitate towards their softer shoulder items such as the cardigan or pullover. That’s all fine. Soft definitely has it’s place. But, this spring, as the snow melts and the buds sprout, it’s time to make a splash. I’m encouraging you to live a little bolder this shoulder season. I proclaim, "Live bolder with a shoulder!"

Fashion friends, when it’s chilly but you want your summer gear to get into the wearable rotation: don’t be cold, invite a sharp shoulder to the party.