Who's the Bigger Superbowl Star: Jeremy Scott or Katy Perry?

Credits - Photo: Sarah G. Schmidt, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's Home

If ever there was a doubt about Jeremy Scott’s influence reaching the masses look no further than Sunday’s Superbowl XLIX. The Moschino Creative Director outfitted Katy Perry’s in both custom and runway outfits: the flame skirt and top, beach umbrella inspired two piece, over size “49” zip up jersey dress and the firework silver sparkler that she wore closing her performance.

As much as some with more discerning taste may try to fight it, he is very much a thing in fashion. If Katy Perry isn’t proof enough of his design's popularity look to Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Jessi J or the Beckerman Twins. There is something about his work that makes his fans feel nostalgic for their youth and willing to purchase to have a piece of it back. Similar to what football fans experience while watching their teams. They want it.

As for Katy Perry, I thought her performance was assertive, fun and campy. She too has her critics but she has some magical staying power that has long outlasted critic’s, and my, career longevity forecasts.

Perry’s social media fan base is enormous with 14.2m Instagram followers and 64.5m Twitter followers who cheered her on. The internet exploded with #KatyPerrySuperBowl tweets, posts and memes Sunday night. Many poking harmless fun at the pop stars looks comparing them to robots, superheroes and inanimate objects. Others criticized but most played nice.

She exploited her reach by promoting merchandise for the masses so they could join in not only viewing Superbowl XLIX but buying a piece (or two) of it. It wasn’t all straight consumer plugs, she also used her voice to auction off guitars from the show to benefit a charity.

While I am personally not a devotee of either Scott or Perry I will admit that what they put together was in absolute alignment with the event. It is Superbowl afterall. Like or lump it, it is the most watched TV event of the year.  

Part of what makes good style is knowing what to wear when and how far to push it. The cartoon pop looks and campy performance were everything that is the Superbowl: obnoxiously fun, proud and a bit too much.

I would argue never before was the designer outfitting the star at the Superbowl was just as exciting as the star. I struggle to decide who was the true winner between Perry and Scott. Maybe they can all win together. Like a team.

Now, back to pressing matters, where can I purchase a Katy Perry shark costume?