Grammys 2015 Style: Was it a Funeral or an Awards Show?

Grammys 2015 Style: Was it a Funeral or an Awards Show?

Credits: Photo - Allan Bailey, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's Home

In the past years Grammy executives have asked its attendees to keep certain body parts covered. In other words, class it up a bit. It’s THE musical award show, not a Playboy party. But I was not aware of this year’s apparent dress code: black. Many stars wore black on the carpet and performing. It was an overwhelming amount of black. Not just gents in their suits (a man in a black suit is always appropriate and well appreciated by yours truly).

I was unsettled. Thus, I went searching for a comparison. I got thinking about showings in a particular city’s fall or spring fashion seasonal shows. After viewing hundreds of presentations, themes usually pop up and trends are often declared. Not just one, but multiple trends in any given season.

However this was the Grammys. The awards usually have colourfully dressed guests spouting colourful words. That is my kind of jam. While there were gossip worthy moments in the chatter department, the 2015 style was somber. It was underwhelming and the collective impact left me one wanting, and bored, onlooker.

For a gut check I looked at Vogue’s postings and soused out a binary head count. I  doubled checked and found more. In no particular order this is who wore what* 

Those who wore black (45): 

Annie Lennox, Beyonce, Angus Young (in his schoolboy uniform) Pharell performing in a Budapest Hotel inspired bellboy uniform, Jessi J, Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick, Nicki Minaj, Hozier, Whiz Khalifa and family, Meghan Trainor, Sia (on the red carpet), Gwen Stefani, David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris, 2/3 of Haim, Same, I mean Sam, Smith, Madonna (red carpet), Kelly Osbourne, Ciara, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Courtney Cox and Beau, Melissa Rivers, Dave Grohl (T-shirt and jeans), Questlove, Big Sean, Sean Paul, Tiesto, Weird Al, Billy Ray Cyrus, Louise Roe, Juanes, Pauley Perrette, Guilanna Rancic, The Black Keys, DJ Kaskade, Nancy O’Dell, Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney (perfomring), Stevie Wonder, Common and Tony Bennett. 

Those who wore any other colour, ANY other colour at all (37): 

Rihanna (on the red carpet), Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katharine McPhee, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, Zendaya, Pharell (on the red carpet), Ed Sheeran, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Tiegan and John Legend, Charli XCX, Arianna Grande, Nick Jonas, Rita Ora, Mary J Blige, Usher, Jane Fonda, John Mayer, Toni Braxton, Gina Rodriguez, LL Cool J, Ashanti, Antonique Smith, Dierks Bently, Aymee Nuviola, Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, Tom Jones, Brandy Clark, Jessi McCartney, Bonnie McKee, AJ Calloway, and of course, Prince.

Speaking of Prince, can every award show producer find a way to include him in the future? He never seems to age. He shows up in fantastic clothing complete with a cane. Perhaps more importantly his timely messages are short but sharp. He said so much saying so little. Let’s have more Prince. 

However mystified I was, I consistently find there are standouts in the bleakest style situations.

My Best Dressed

My best dressed female attendee was Zendaya in that voluminous, striped one shoulder Vivienne Westwood. It was a medley of rich, saturated colours and a breath of fashion fresh air among the overdone plunging neckline, body con, and cut out looks. If everyone is wearing the same styles over and over, then maybe it’s time for something new, yes? Beyonce, ahem. Though I know little about Zendaya’s career, that dress was everything to me Sunday night.

Runner Up: Sia (on the red carpet) and Jane F-ing Fonda 

  • Reasons for Sia: Although black in colour, the cape and white collared shirt were fantastically sharp and thus quietly memorable. The oversize platinum blonde wig contrasted the black and completed the look.

  • Reasons for Jane Fonda: The rich green colour, that statement gold necklace, and that slick body in that slick pantsuit. I declare that this woman has more style than ladies half, hell, even a quarter of her age.

As for the best dressed fellow, I’d give it to Jesse McCartney in the tailored green velvet suit without a tie. It was relaxed yet refined. While his musician star power currently may be small (I remember glimmers of him innocent albeit unmemorable pop songs) his style power Sunday was brilliant.

Runner Up: Usher

  • Reasons for Usher: The grey suit was another hit for the R&B star. The folded over collar detail injected a touch of interesting tailoring that I took impassioned notice to. 

As always, I expect people to show their personality through their dress. Even more so at a party as fabulous as the Grammys. Some showed me that they are just what I think they are, ie: Taylor Swift’s whatever that was, while others keep us giddily guessing. Again, more Prince, please.

How about you? What did you think of the Grammy’s style?

*Unknown (to me) people were left off my list. Admittedly I have missed many. Tell me who I left off we we can discuss.

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