Saying Goodbye to the Garbage of 2015

Credits - Photo: Sarah G. Schmidt, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

I'm all for editing down, making sure you surround yourself with people and things that bring you joy, and getting rid of junk that brings you down. Especially as we gear up to welcome a new year.For the final post of 2015, I'm taking out the trash. Here's my 15 things of oh-so-very-passé fashion garbage.

  1. Leggings as pants - I've been on about it before and unfortunately it's still here. It bears repeating. Ladies (because fellas seem to have this cased) dress like you give a shit.
  2. The idea that something can be perfect - The year has come and gone and there's still no perfect bag, shoes, dress, really anything. It's unattainable and is a fast track to feeling of disappointment. Perfect is not a thing.
  3. Fashion rules - Here's a secret, there are none. Fashion is individual expression so how can there really be rules? Liberate yourself by not listening to people who don't dress well especially when they make you feel bad about what you want to try. Just try it. You can take it off and put something else on later if it's a flop.
  4. Dressing too causal - I'm all for feeling good in what you are wearing. I'm not for promoting laziness or nonchalance about putting your best self out there in the world. Clothes should empower, not minimize or hide, the person wearing them.
  5. Collared shirts that are not ironed - What's the point? When your fancier clothes -remember it has a collar- are not pressed its nullifies the original effort. Make sure those collars can pop (not flop).
  6. Not dressing for the weather - I cringe when I see teeth a cha-cha-chattering due to bare skin. There's ponchos, tights, flannel, fur (your choice if it's faux), and boots to name a few key, yet stylish pieces that keep you warm. It's winter.
  7. Dressing the same as your partner/friends/family - I understand the need to belong. I don't understand the need to look like the person you spend the most time with. If you think it's too same same, go back and change something. Be the individual snowflake I, and science, know you are.
  8. Being fearful of clothes - We put on clothes, we take them off. There enough other things to truly be afraid of. Clothes do not need to be scary.
  9. Wearing athletica when not being athletic - If in doubt ask yourself, "Am I going to the gym? A sports game? To a workout? Am I exercising?" Be honest and dress accordingly.
  10. Wearing ratty, worn out shoes - When you wear shoes that look like beat up pieces of old meat dragged through mud and salt you are telling the world, "I don't care." When people think you don't care about that, they tend to think about what else you're lax about. Don't give anyone a silly reason like old shoes to doubt you.
  11. Body shaming - Love the body you have. If that hard for you consider a few things. It's pretty amazing that it gets to to everywhere you are going in the day. It can create new life (with help of the gents out there). It can become strong, weak, and strong again. It's yours. If people try and put you down try not to listen. Haters gonna hate.
  12. Feeling pressure to dress by traditional gender roles - Wear what you want. Feel free to wear pants and still look like a lady and skirts if you're feeling fresh like a fella. Shop in whatever section that fits and flatters. Just do you. The people that judge you are the old farts who think gender is a binary option. Ignorant old farts. Don't they stink?
  13. Checking a bag full of clothes you won't wear - Whenever possible, carry on. Plan your outfits ahead, edit down, and wear the same pieces multiple times in new combinations to get the most out of them. It will be a breeze in transport and allow you to go see whatever (or whoever) you're actually travelling for. If nothing else, it saves money.
  14. Dressing for others - Unless it's your job to wear a certain thing dress for yours truly. The most attractive people are the ones who walk with confidence. I find confidence comes from knowing and feeling you look good. And knowing and feeling comes from inner joy. Tah da!
  15. Having a closet full of stuff you don't wear - most people wear only 20-30% of their closet. Think about how much is being used and taking up space. Yuck. Here's how to purge: Doesn't fit? Get rid of it. Don't feel good in it? It needs to go. If editing down is too daunting here's an enlightening trick. Flip all your hangers so that they are backwards on the bar. As you wear an item, replace it in the rack properly. After 6, 9, or 12 months (your pick) if that hanger is still backwards, you will be able to see where you can start purging.

Let all that bad junk go. It's time for a new year. Embrace it and show the world your best self. In 2016, give a shit.