Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015.

It's time for my inaugural review of the year's trend triumphs and timeouts. Some are on the rise and well, some are done. Below are my top three "thumbs up" and "thumbs down."

Over It

The word perfect - Perfect outfit. Perfect lipstick. Perfect nails. It's just not. How can a word for something unobtainable and utopian in meaning be thrown around so often and so impersonally? Find a new word, just for you (kind of like a new fragrance), to share your agreeableness. For 2015, let's leave this word behind.

Leggings worn as pants - It's chilly out there. Most of us don't have Suzanne Somers worthy "Buns of Steel" and that's fine. It's good actually because all that working out cuts into shopping time. All bodies are beautiful. I truly believe that. Just not every part... in public... in Canadian winter. Come 2015, let's cover up the tush when donning leggings fashion friends.

Lack of model diversity - The same is the same. In fashion and style, the same tends to be boring or a sign that you are no longer relevant. Further, in the case of casting models, it's not reflective of our diverse Canadian population. By not including a variety of people in brands marketing and communications we are telling consumers who is welcome and who is not. For 2015 let's see more shades, sizes and sexualities of models reflected back at us. 

Still It

Colour in Clothing - The past few years have seen a shift toward the wide use of colour by fashion brands (high end and mass alike). Consumers have responded by opening their wallets. I argue the more colour options, the more exploration. With more exploration comes development of unique identities. Positive self identities generate more overall self confidence. Wah hoo! Don't be shy in 2015; keep the colour coming. 

Social media's growing role in fashion - Never before have consumers and brands been able to connect and converse so closely and swiftly. This past year we followed the runways, red carpets and style in our streets with speed and a voracious appetite. I encourage you all to spend your time wisely with people and brands you believe in. Dig deeper to be sure you do. Then enjoy the sartorial gold unfold before your eyes through all your channels and apps.

Fashionable function - You work hard. Your wardrobe should too. More and more wearable tech is coming and it's getting appealing to even the most discerning wrists and necks. But it doesn't all have to be the next digital wonder. Take stock of what you already have and how it's working for you (or not). I encourage each of you get into those wardrobes and evaluate if: 

  1. It fits and flatters
  2. Provides you joy
  3. You can use/ wear it multiple ways

If you find yourself not checking off these criteria it may be time to donate it (or call me to help you answer the aforementioned "gut check").

Let's move forward. Let's try to create more space for happiness in ourselves and others. Together, let's shake off the duds of the past and welcome in the fresh, new year in style. Bring on 2015!