Why January is My Favourite Month to Shop

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Chinook Centre

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and Boxing Day sales, the retail world gets quiet. Early January is my favourite time to shop. I no longer have to strategically park the car nose out for fear of not being able to back out. I no longer have to be at the mall ten minutes before the stores open. I no longer have to treat navigating through the crowds as my own slow-motion Super G ski race.

You do, however, have to monitor your basket for predator snakes trying to scoop your finds for themselves. I’m speaking to you, the lady who had her paws on my newly selected 600 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linens until I asked her not to.

January is typically the slowest month in sales for the year. This is partly due to the returns from holiday gift recipients as well as the saving reflex from the previous month’s splurges. While many folks are hibernating, I take full advantage.

While the selection is more limited, the discounted prices more than make up for it. What was a $100 pair of black suede pumps are now $30 (and in my closet). A formerly $80 charcoal grey wool dress with a subtle asymmetrical hem detail was snagged by yours truly for $39. Even a camouflage pony hair smartphone case went from $44 to $19 and is snug on my iPhone. 

I was on a roll so why stop? I stocked up on silk camisoles for 50% off. I found a creme crochet beach dress with black detailing for over 80% off (I saved over $150.00). Further, the bluetooth wireless speaker that I had on my list was purchased post Christmas for 66% off the original sticker. Saving money never gets old to me. Not to keep the fun all to myself, I was happy to witness a man purchase a beautiful latte coloured wool topcoat for a mere 35% of the full ticket price (he saved nearly $335.00).

Alas, there are some drawbacks. Buyers beware: there is no vast selection of sun attire in the mall in January. The bathing suit was a near lost relic outside of the specialty stores. My beloved mirrored sunglasses purchased last spring were recently lost to the ocean floor of Costa Rica. I have been having a devil of a time finding suitable replacements offline (aka: in a store). I tend to like to try before I buy for such things so online shopping is not my immediate go-to. Sigh.

Do not fret, fashion friends, it’s all a part of the fun. Like with many good things in life, there is an opportunity cost. I’ll leave you with a tip: if you really want to maximize the sales, buy just before the season is shifting. That’s now for winter and early August for summer. It may seem silly to stock up at the end of the season you’re in, but come next fall, your closet and wallet will thank you.

Do you like to shop in January as much as I do?