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What Would Swimsuits Say If They Could Talk?

After a long weekend mostly outdoors, I spent a majority of the time in a swimsuit. It’s a gals best friend when at the lake. After wearing a fair share that didn’t fit right in my past escapades, there’s nothing quite like a swimsuit that allows you to go about your day without worrying about it. Maybe all the sunblock chemicals went to my head because all I can think about is what our bathing suits would say if they could talk?

Taking Back Beach Bodies

As a kid, there were very few phrases more exciting than, "Make sure you pack your swim suit." I would squeal with delight with the thought of fun in the water. I love to swim. I love water sports. I love hanging out by the water. It's all good. Be it the pool, the beach or a hot tub I was game. I am still game. Water aside, as we grow older the swim gear seems to turns into more of an exercise in anxiety than joy.