Style Theory: Can Fashion Thrive When the Grammy’s Are Tired?

Style Theory: Can Fashion Thrive When the Grammy’s Are Tired?

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt.

Every year the Recording Academy hosts the biggest party of the American music industry: the Grammys. The industry congregates to the city of lights to celebrate the best of the year. Well, some of the best. 

Over the past ten or so years, many critics within the industry and outside of it question the relevancy of the awards. Sidelined categories, dictating set lists and artist groupings, sexist dress codes, and the Beyoncé 2017 backlash all are evidence of what’s not going well. Every year, more and more artists decline to participate splashing the controversies over the media.

The latest includes Ariana Grande, who was asked to perform, but with a strict set of requirements. She resisted ad ultimately declined. An excellent example of “Thank U, Next” ing in real life.

When Jennifer Lopez sang the Motown medley I side eyed a bit. I thought it was a booking misstep. Why JLo and not a Motown artist, producers?

If some of the cool kids aren’t there – Beyoncé, Jay Z, Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift – what does that mean for everybody else? Does it diminish the awards if the best are telling the public that the Grammy’s are no longer the thing? Let’s get specific and ask a hard question: is the institution racist? All in all, is are the Grammy’s inherently out of touch? Heavy shit my friends. I’ll focus on fashion.

While I am no music expert, I do relish the delicious eye candy that was the rest of the awards. It’s a joy to look over the online galleries and YouTube videos seeking out the best and worst of the night only to realize that your best and worst are likely somebody else’s worst and best. One persona trash is another treasure. Fashion is a buffet and I choose to indulge.

This is what I am putting on my plate and savouring every last bite of:

Women were – finally – the winner of the evening. The tone was set when Alicia Keys welcomed Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez to join her. My eyes welled up and I jumpy clapped in front of my laptop. The I realized how gorgeous each were dressed and how they complimented one another.

Pants for the ladies and yes, make them wide. Yes Tracee Ellis Ross in that grass green suit. Yes to Alicia Keys emerald opener, and hell yes to Michelle Obama’s silver stunner. Michelle Obama needs to stop – we are not worthy but please don’t stop – showing up in sparkle amazingness. It’s so good it hurts.

I am living for JLo’s feathers.

We got a snack of all that is good in the world aka: Dolly Parton. Tell your friends that tassels are for everyone.

I tip my hat to you, Janelle Monea.

Yes, Yes, Yes BTS.

Love those suits, Miley.

Gloves are not just for fancy galas; Cardi B gave them new life for us.

The show closed out with Kacey Musgraves winning Album of the Year award with so much red feathers and huge hair it must be the storage space for the lyrics for her next album. Yee haw. 

And though Beyoncé sat this one out, I could hear her songs echoing in the hearts and minds of the attendees…  Who run the world? Girls.

Check out the galleries here.

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