September Fashion Magazine Cover Bingo

September Fashion Magazine Cover Bingo

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt

Even though we are in the thick of summer, the fashion world is about to get all pumpkin spice latte on us. Soon we’ll be blasted with images of cosy sweaters, boots, and yes, hot drinks all set to a backdrop of turning leaves. 

The September issues are the thing, you know. As the covers roll out, those of us fashion nuts will be dissecting who is featured on the cover (and who isn’t), who took the images (and who didn’t), where, when, under what circumstances. Basically, getting all inside baseball for each and every one of the choices made. But before I do, I try to remind myself that while fashion is incredibly complex, it’s also fun, too.

This season, I’ve decided to play a silly game of September Fashion Magazine Cover Bingo. I know I can get a bit cynical and overly critical at times. It’s because I care and I think things matter. That can all be true but I also believe that I never want that little kid who loved fashion, plastered ads all over her bedroom walls, saved up for annual fashion magazine subscriptions, and played dress-up longer than the average to ever go away. Thus, I play to keep her spirit alive.

Enter bingo. As each cover is released, I hope I can knock off one of these squares. At the end of the month, I’ll see how my ridiculousness played out.

Will you play with me? Get out your bingo stampers – I’m using lipstick for mine - and make it fashion…

  1. No person on the cover, cover

  2. Multi generations of women on same cover

  3. Bad photoshop on cover

  4. Inclusion of an LGBTQ person where their identity is not the main feature

  5. Political person on cover

  6. Blonde, Caucasian actor with nothing current to promote

  7. Dog with Human

  8. Lizzo, give her a cover, would you?

  9. A fella on a women’s magazine

  10. Women over 60 years of gloriousness

  11. A family cover

  12. A “comeback story” cover

  13. * FREE SPACE *

  14. Beyoncé

  15. A Kardashian

  16. Taylor Swift? Always a safe bet, right?

  17. The “diversity” group shot

  18. An “I’m sorry” cover

  19. Wildhorse cover (someone we didn’t expect)

  20. A “regular” person on the cover

  21. Inclusion of a differently able person that isn’t basic or trite

  22. A child (or group of all children)

  23. A makeover cover

  24. The WTF cover (we’ll know when we see it)

  25.  The “I’m almost naked but it’s still fashion” cover

If I’m being honest, I adore the parade of September Issues. It’s a great way to see what each of the publications think is important and thus try to tell we plebs what we should think is important. It’s a fascinating dive into the business strategy and point of view. Sometimes they are pushing us forward, more progressively. Other times they give us tired, old news. Wah wahhhh. It’s up to all of us to tell them with our eyes, clicks, and wallets how they did.  

Come October first, we should compare cards and see what we each stamped - or lipsticked - off. Bingo!

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