Best of My Blog: Celebrating 250 Posts

Best of My Blog: Celebrating 250 Posts

Two hundred and fifty can be a big number. Two hundred and fifty puppies? So many puppies. Two hundred and fifty pairs of shoes? As close to heaven as I’ll ever desire. But it can also be a modest number. Two hundred and fifty dollars in a retirement savings account? A banker would say there is room for improvement.

Nevertheless, I’ve posted two hundred and fifty blogs about what gets me going: fashion. That’s something to take pause for. To mark this moment, I’m sharing the best of the blog. It would mean the galaxy to me if you’d revisit some of my favourites and share which ones you liked and hated. Better yet, tell me what else I should look into. There’s always More To It.

We could all use coaching and improvement in our lives. I believe that clothing is a way to work on yourself from the outside in. I think you can start to discover the real you through your clothing choices.

Good style takes effort….

Do you want to know how to perform a personal style check in?

Your clothing says a lot about you. Is it accurate?

Clothes – what we wear, how we wear it, what we take care of, who we wear – all point to larger societal and cultural issues. I believe that fashion is the conversation starter of something much bigger. 

Explaining the fashion-celebrity-publicity ecosystem

Not every person who loves country music wears cut off jeans and walks around barefoot, right?

Wearing pink is more than a coincidence…

How solidarity in dress can shed light on a belittled issue…

Shouting out unsung wardrobe heroes

Should you be curious about what I do and why I do it, read these posts. In other words, get inside my head and learn more about my M.O.

My day, night, and weekend job…

How my business values influence my work…

Come behind the scenes on a film set with me…

Why packing for home brings up old feelings…

The first 150 posts: the start to “More to It.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you two hundred and forty eight more times. See you on the other side of two hundred and fifty.

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