Set Your Tone for a Stylish September

Set Your Tone for a Stylish September

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Container Park

Well, September is here. Back to school, back to work, or just back to it. Post Labour Day, Calgary – and many other places – seem to desire a routine to make the most of the latest season. The relaxed, chill vibe of is gone. Fall is coming; it’s time to rise and grind.

In this absolutely bonkers time that is 2017, it may help some people to take some personal comfort in controlling things that they can, like your wardrobe. It may seem silly to some but may I remind you that we are multifaceted people. We can care about helping those thrust into these bonkers situations while also caring about how one is put together. Cue brain explosion.

Much like any other month, what’s coming up on your schedule may be different than your peeps. Regardless, the impulse to refresh and get it together is real. Below are a few ways that you can set the tone for a September full of style.

Is your personal style more “whatever I can throw on my body in the morning” as opposed to “this look communicates who I am and what I want out of life”? If you’re feeling the former but wish you were the latter, I got you.

Are you preparing for a trip and only want to pack a carry on? Once the initial fear driven body shock wears off please know you can and will. Do you want to know why? Because you’re ambitious and all you need is a little help.

If you didn’t refresh your wardrobe storage – closet, drawers, dressing room, pile on the floor – this spring, why not tackle the tidying this fall? Like Amelia Earhart said, “The best way to do it is to do it.”

Say you’re headed somewhere beachy this winter and want something to look forward to. Why not start planning your outfits, a la vacation YOLO dressing, now? Once you have some looks put together, snap a picture. That way when it’s time to pack for real, pull up those pictures and enjoy the feeling of knowing you’ve got this.

Professional sports teams are back in action. Have you considered the history behind some of the teams we cheer for? Do some of the names, logos, or mascots ick you out? Me too. Teams are at the mercy of their fan base. If you see something you don’t like – or doesn’t pass the human rights code of Canada – say something. If enough of you do, the big wigs of these teams will have to listen.

As the thermometer drops the dress code tone at your work may rise. Are you looking like the smart and capable person I know you are? Planning ahead for the colder months and getting looks together make you look your best is an easy way to do something to set you apart.

Have you been thinking about how you spend your hard earned money? With all the choice out there it’s ever more important to consider aligning your values to your spending habits. If you’re interested in buying local and making your money count right here at home, check this out.

Creating something one-of-a-kind with your very own hands is a beloved way for me to spend a couple hours. While some may be preserving their garden bounty, you can distress a pair of jeans. Or paint a jacket. Or re-jig some jewelry. Whatever you can imagine, you can DIY. Thanks, Internet.

Whatever style project you choose to focus on this September know that I’m cheering you on all the way. There’s nothing better than taking a minute to check yourself, invest in yourself, and get it together. Hear me out. My thinking is that if we were all a bit more self aware, we wouldn’t waste so much precious time worrying about what others think. We’d all be a bit more confident knowing that whatever that may be, you - and you alone - get to decide how you feel about yourself. No one else's opinion of you matters as much as yours does. It’s your life, right? Confident, self-loving people are better equipped to help others because they don’t spend time worrying; they spend time actually doing the things.

What are you spending your time on?

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