Are Dogs the Fashion Industry’s Favourite Furry Friend?

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home, Pup - Kya the Shiba Inu

Yes. Suspense spared and full disclosure: I may be biased. We all seem to have that one thing about us that doesn’t make sense. It’s one of those outliers in our “typical” personality. There’s something about us all that loves a certain thing not because it’s rational but because we just do. Others may think it’s silly. For me that thing is a dog. I am head over heels for hot diggity dogs.

A newborn babe gets passed into my arms, okay, I’ll hold it. But I don’t provide the parent the desired cooing and adoration reaction they were expecting. I have a clown car full of younger and older siblings and cousins and friends who are having babies left, right, and centre. I’ve had no shortage of exposure to babies in my life thus far. And it’s, meh. But have a fresh puppy fumble and bumble by me on the street and I’ll drop everything – including dinner out, getting off my bicycle, stopping the car - just to ask the owner if it’s okay that I say hello to the pup.

Loving dogs shouldn’t make sense for me. I like my clothes to be in pristine shape. Yet, I’ll let a dog bump up next to me and give some pets or jump up on me. One time I was walking our dog across a busy intersection and I knelt down to calm her as we waiting for our light. The noise of the traffic and all the movement gets her a bit anxious. Once the light turned green, instead of walking she hopped into my arms, using my light blue denim jeans as a launch pad a la Russian vaulting gymnast – and I carried her home. I let her. Once home she promptly ran away to fetch a toy or something while I was left to scrub out the stains.

It’s not just my clothes. My home is tidy and orderly, yet I let the dog nap on whatever chair she darn well pleases. My collection of lint rollers and velvet loose fur removing gloves is quite impressive. I’m always into hearing about new ways to clean dog stains. Only while I scrub out the latest disaster on my hands and knees do I ponder my choice of partially white carpets. Why do I do this? Because I love pupp-er-roonies.

It’s not just me. As a dog person, you can spot another dog person a mile away. As you approach – say on your evening walk – people’s body language either pulls away from the oncoming mutt or lowers down to get some pets in. Dog lovers have no boundaries when it comes to their pal. Does purchasing gourmet worthy raw food for your dog sound familiar? He likes is better, right? Expensive grooming? Oh yes, Fluffy deserves the best. Dressing up your little Pookie as Star Wars character for Halloween? Wait, what? Turns out pet costumes are a multi-million dollar portion of the retail industry.

Some may snicker that it’s a replacement coping mechanism for being without children. That seems way too cruel, full of harsh life choice judgment, and way too simplistic for me to buy in. Rather, maybe it’s just another way that we show love to those we love – human or canine. Puppy love is pawsitively wooferful.

I’m not the only one. Celebrities have been long known for the pup infatuations. Elizabeth Taylor put celebrity dogs on the map. The Queen makes a hard case for the love of corgies. Remember Paris Hilton and those chihuahua’s?

Today Instagram is filled with adorable pups. Some of which make their owners a pretty fashionable profit – either in coin or cool status. Heard of the dashing and expensively dressed Menswear Dog? His access to clothing rivals A-List movie stars. What about the fashion forward spunky Toronto Beckerman duo? Their Pomeranian's dressed up as celebrities like Rihanna and Karl Lagerfeld can steal the show. My personal favourite is a bulldog name Pam. Pam has style. Pam sells branded merchandise. A. LOT.

Sure, it’s one of those things that if you’re into it, you notice more of it. Get that. But I will argue what is better in life than a dog’s wagging tail greeting you at your home door after a long day? The only thing that could be better is if our dog would let me dress her up.