What to Do Before The Holiday Season Kicks in

What to Do Before The Holiday Season Kicks in

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Come the middle of November I have the urge to hit pause before I press play for the holiday party season. December is fast approaching and I’m admittedly feeling the pressure already. Between the dinners, drinks, and gifts, I have to get it together.

I am definitely a find-calm-in-organization A-Type of person. I can feel more accomplished if I make a list, prioritize, and then get moving on it. Nothing feels better than crossing off items after you’ve nailed.each.one. If you’re into this approach too, here are a few things you can do before the ho-ho-ho takes a-ho-ho-hold of your life.

Organize a Closet

I love the holiday season, I do. I get excited and dizzy when thinking about all of the gifts, food, company, and drinks. It’s a lot of festivity in a few weeks. After the hoopla ends, I feel a bit too full. Sometimes it’s smart to make way for this by editing down ahead of time. Whether it’s going through and donating your kid’s toys they’ve outgrown or your tackling your overstuffed closet of clothing, taking a few hours to get sorted and lean may be just the balance you’re craving.

Prepare Your Holiday Shopping Lists

It seems so simple, it is, but preparing whom you’re buying for, what you plan on purchasing, and at what cost can save a lot of headache. There’s nothing quite like the shock of the Christmas season spend a month after all the fun has wrapped. Get ahead of it, make a plan, and keep your cool. Then when it’s time to shop, read this to keep your sanity.

Get Dressed Up and Go Out

There’s no time like the present to simply get dressed and go out. Plus, heading out before the city gets whipped into the holiday frenzy means no wait times at hot restaurants or worrying about getting a safe ride home. Beat the rush and go out now. If nothing else people will look twice in admiration when they see you in your festive best while they’re stuck in the grind.

Take a Warm Holiday

Getting the winter-is-coming blues and need a pick me up? Head somewhere sunny. Vitamin D is a personal mental health must have for me. Maybe that destination is an all-inclusive or maybe somewhere off the beaten trail. Regardless of where you choose, be sure to wardrobe YOLO once there. If you can’t have fun with your clothes on vacation where no one knows you, when would you?

Plan Party Outfits

It may not be party season yet but it may sneak up on you faster than you thought. Why not add to the something-to-look-forward-to pile and plan some dope AF outfits. Between office parties, friend get-together, and time with the family, there’s plenty to get ready. Planning Christmas morning PJs or party dresses ahead of time gets me giddy.

Donate a Coat

Even if you haven't purged, do me a favour and go to your closet. Is there an unused coat jammed way into the back? Take that puppy out of retirement. If you too have a clean, gently used coat that you’re okay with parting with, why not give it to someone who could really use it. There are organizations like this and this who’ll make sure it gets a second life. Calgary is cold come winter. Let’s not be cold in the heart.

With the holidays just around the corner now is the prime time to get ahead. By the time you’re jingle jangling in December, all that work will have paid off.

Eggnog, anyone?

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