A Look at What’s Good in Fashion

 Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Queen Elizabeth School

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Queen Elizabeth School

A friend told me that I have been quite negative lately. Slamming this. Critiquing that. Add that to the already dour mood of February in an economically challenged city and you’ve got one huge drag. My bad. In the spirit of seeing the sunny side of things, I’d like to share what’s good.

Zoolander 2 opened this weekend. This is good because it’s a movie that pokes fun at the fashion industry’s sillier truisms. Who would have thought that the self- absorbed nature explored and mocked in the first movie, through male models, became true for most of society. Selfies, squads and hyperbolic language are now commonplace and no longer seem as silly as they once were. Take a break, have a laugh, and don’t be so serious all the time. It’s good for you.

It’s fashion week in New York and with a new season comes the opportunity to be more inclusive. Though I have specific feelings about Kanye West’s collection, and Twitter behaviour, I am thrilled about the models cast in the presentation. Models, icons, musicians alike walked for West and showed New York how powerful – and click bait friendly - it can be to include more of society. Not all of Kanye is good, but this sure is.

Award show season is giving the mainstream a reason to care about fashion. There’s nothing like a red carpet and the most beautiful (and sometimes talented) celebrities to showcase designs. Though I typically am frustrated by the lack of style individuality exercised at these events, I’m going to shine some light on what was, you guessed it, good. My favourite of the Grammy's was Whiz Khalifa. I loved his Thom Browne suit with its distressed plaid tailed jacket, cropped dress pants, and sneakers. He made it work for him. This guy knows what it is to wear the clothes and not let them wear him.

Finally, did you check out this year’s Sports Illustrated (SI) swimsuit edition cover girls? I say, “Yay!” for including bodies that we see everyday but don’t typically see on swimsuit cover. Ashley Graham looks fantastic. So does Rhonda Rousay. It’s great to celebrate curves and strength alike. Hailey Clausen looks great too, it’s just not a new look for SI. I won’t be all jaded and whine that it’s long overdue to reflect the beautiful variety in society or that I want to live in a world where all bodies are celebrated publically all the time so that it’s no longer a sensation.  No, let’s just enjoy this vivacious photo-shoot. This is good.

It feels good to see good, yes? Keep it up, world. Hopefully it turns a sometimes cynic like me into a sunny side up type.