How To Dress Based on Your Mood

How To Dress Based on Your Mood

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It’s been a tough week. Full honesty, my post election emotional fallout has been quite grey. But I’ve decided it’s time to mop up the puddle I’ve made of myself and move forward. I have to get my mood in check. What I choose to do for myself is dress up. I dress to get myself to where I want to be and in what particular state. If you need some assistance in this are too, here’s my “how-to” guide for dressing for your mood.

Reflect Your Mood

Pretty basic. Dress how your feel that day. This can range from schlepping around in sweats all the way to full on mourning. Nothing like all black to share with the world that you’re hurt, hey? Keep in mind one person’s – or cultures – colour of mourning is likely different than yours. Internet rabbit hole challenge accepted?

Of course if you’re feeling good and want others to feel it to, treat ‘yo self and dress well. Confidence goes a long way in our world. Seize the day! (Let’s pinky promise not to say “grab it by the… “ anymore, cha?) 

Reflecting how you feel can be a powerful way of not having to say anything and letting the clothes do all the talking for you.

Challenge Your Mood

Say you’re feeling down but mourning is not your thing, I challenge you to brighten up. Not emotionally per say – though that can’t hurt if you can muster it – but with colours that brighten your spirit and skin tone. I bet if you walk around in bright colour – be it neon green or bight pink – you’ll get a few smiles, compliments, and a little bounce in your step.

Now let’s say on the other hand that you’d like to temper your whizzy, bubbly emotions and blend in a bit more. Why not get that balance with a simple, neat outfit? There’s no fear, your bright personality will still shine through.

Sometimes a little sartorial vs emotional balance can provide a tonne of comfort.

Thrust Yourself into a Mood

A friend shared that when she and her team showed up for their CIS hockey games, her team mantra was something like, “look good, play good.” The gals would come to their game dressed to the nines while lugging their equipment bags. It’s simple and I think it works. Like any positive routine, getting your mind ready however you can makes some sense. Why not?

The next time you head off for a big day where you want to impress, try putting on your most confident clothes.

If you’re feeling like a badass, get out the spikes and (p)leather.

Do you feel good about yourself and want to show off a bit? Great. Do it. Do you.

If dressing helps you get into your desired state or zone that’s fantastic. Get dressed on purpose is what gets be me out of bed like a lightening bolt in the morning.

Whatever you choose, try to do it with a bit of lightness in your heart. Remember no matter what you wear that day, you can change out of it when you get home or to the next thing. As a worst-case fail-safe plan I’d suggest packing a change of clothes as a back up. Mood swings are human. Changing your clothes can be human too.

All-Inclusives Are The Chance to Wardrobe YOLO

All-Inclusives Are The Chance to Wardrobe YOLO

Like Any Good Canadian Would Say, Sorry, America.

Like Any Good Canadian Would Say, Sorry, America.